Thursday, March 1, 2007


This little turkey scared me too death today!!
It was awful, I had to run to the bank today with
Laura to open an account for our girl scout
troop and the babies had to come along because
daddy had court. It wasn't as quick as I had
hope since the bank got a new system. Anyhow, by
the time we got home I had two very hungry little
ones and poor Tinkerbell was crossing her legs she had
to go potty. I took Rae out of her seat first and laid her
down then Riley and proceeded to let Bell go
do her thing. Rae got so upset she was going to let
out a big cry so she could eat first. That's how we
do it around here. Which ever baby is crying
gets to eat first. First she turned purple and then
white. She could not catch her breath. I could see
panic in her little eyes. I have NEVER experienced
anything like this before. I picked her up and try to
blow in her face hoping somehow that would work
but nothing. Her arms were sticking straight out as she was
trying to breath but nothing. I then tried to calm her by
rubbing her back, it was so scary. Josh is the calm one
and he wasn't home. She did start to breath shortly
after I started rubbing her back. Thank you Lord!!
I told Josh it felt like she didn't breath for minutes
when in actuality it was probably just seconds. I have
heard of children holding their breath until they pass out.
I am gonna say a little prayer tonight that
our little Reagan isn't going to be one of them.
I don't think my heart could take it.


Hummel Family said...

that would be so scarey, Rach! I am so glad to hear she came through it okay!

allie bari said...

ms. allie girl was that way! she started that where she would get so upset that she would pass out. talking about scaring a mother! this happened at least a half a dozen times.