Monday, July 30, 2007

Glad that's over!!

Daddy said a little prayer before surgery...Chloe was a brave little girl she was nervous but kept that beautiful smile the whole time. I was able to go with her into the operating room while they put her out with the gas. It was nice to be able to hold her hand and tell her that mommy was there for her!! I'm glad I had a mask on I was fighting back the tears.

After the surgery Chloe was in a lot of pain but the Tylenol kicked in and she started feeling much better. She is still in a lot of pain but is trying very hard to do what the doctor wants her to do...which is drink a lot of fluids. They almost kept her because she just wasn't taking in enough liquids. She really didn't want to have to stay so they gave her some jello and apple juice and as long as she could eat and drink that they let her come home.
Thank you Lord for getting my baby through this!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Real Bananas

Rae and Ri had fresh not pureed bananas yesterday. The little things they're holding have a slice of banana in them that they eat through a mesh bag...pretty clever!! Josh kind of thinks it's gross but I think it is a neat way to give them a healthy snack and not worry about them choking. It's not a lot of fun cleaning them out but my babies are worth it!!

Today Chuckie Cheese... Tomorrow Surgery

A friendly little game of air hockey

Chloe, Kenna and Natalia being silly

(Rae and Riley loved Chuckie's car!!)
We tried to make today a special day for Chloe since tomorrow morning she will be going in for surgery. She is having her tonsils and adenoids taken out. Please say a prayer that she will do okay during her surgery and everything will go smoothly, pray for the doctors and a quick recovery. I know this is a very routine surgery but she is my baby and I still worry about her. She seems to be somewhat excited about the whole thing. That is once she heard the doctor say she can have all the ice cream and popsicles she wants... :0) !!! We took her to Build-A-Bear and let her make a special friend to take with her to the hospital and her Gramma Rita bought her a special baby doll so she is all set. She was a little upset when she found out she wasn't allowed to have breakfast...she's a breakfast girl no doubt about it she barely has her big blue eyes open in morning and she's asking for a bowl of cereal. That's my girl!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

She did it again

Last night while I was cooking dinner the girls (all of them) were in the living room (Josh was at work). Kenna and Chloe were watching Disney Channel and Reagan and Riley were playing etc. I was on the phone when I heard a loud noise, one you hear a 10 1/2 month old make when she is trying to stand up and then let go with out being completely balanced. Makenna said, "Mommy, Reagan fell and hit her head." As I started to walk in to get her I could tell by the start of her cry she fell hard. She started to cry so hard she stopped breathing. This had happened before so even though it freaked me out, I knew she would be okay...that is until...right after I took her from Kenna and she passed out came back long enough to let out a cry and then went completely limp again. I panicked!! She was out -- not breathing and as white as a ghost. I tried to blow in her face...that didn't work, I tried rubbing her back and telling her to breath...finally she started to breath. It was the scariest thing. It only last a few seconds each time(not breathing) and within five minutes or so she was acting completely normal again but very tired. I fear that this is something we will see again possibly for years to come. I have heard of children passing out from what I thought was holding their breath. Reagan did not hold her breath she lost her breath. The cry was so intense that it took her breath away. She panicked herself, I could see it in her eyes. I called the ped doc today to see if she thought Reagan needed to be seen. She said that it was probably a lot about the sharpness of the pain and that children can sometimes react like this up to and possibly beyond 2 yrs. old. If I never see my baby pass out again that would be fine by me. I know she will be okay and that she is not the only child this has happened to but if you have never seen your child stop breathing you just can't imagine how scary it is. I held Rae for awhile after the incident then fed her and Riley dinner. I gave Riley a quick bath and came out to get Rae and this is how I found her...poor little baby she had a rough day!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A few of my faves

Twins share everything!

Gramma and Papa with 7 of their 19 grandchildren
(they also have 1 great grandchild)

Even though it doesn't look like it Rae loved this lemon

Kenna getting soaked at Sea World

So sweet, Chlo shared her dippin' dots with her cousin Sean

Love the family picture in front of the Palm Trees!!

Notice my brother has the big LOSER sign, and it was his idea to race...hehehe

Rae is too sweet for words

Kenna hit the jackpot baby...over 1900 tickets!!!

July 10, 2007...

My baby girls turned 10 months old and now today as I write this post I realize they are already 10 1/2 months. I can't believe we will be having a 1st birthday party very soon. The babies are doing so much, everyday it seems they do something new. They are both crawling like crazy, cooing, get the point, occasionally mama but usually when they are crying, they laugh and giggle all of the time, they absolutely love to eat...have I mentioned we go through 42 jars of baby food a week, if they aren't eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner they're snacking and yet they are still little peanuts (must have daddy's metabolism) they stand up on everything/one, they are sitting up and changing positions (in case I didn't mention that in the 9 mo. update), Reagan has been standing up and then letting go she started this yesterday, Riley also attempted this as well yesterday, they both have 2 teeth on the bottom, they love to chase each other and play peek-a-boo with each other and anyone else who wants to play, they reach out for us to pick them up but have been doing this for quite sometime, they love their binki and will take each others, we can no longer have ANYTHING on our coffee table because they will rip it right off. They also LOVE their bottles. Did I tell you they are extremely impatient?? For some reason I thought twins would learn patients a little sooner since they have to wait their turn- this is so not the case in our home. I think it goes back to when we brought them home from the hospital and who ever cried first or the loudest got to eat first. Now we have to be prepared -look out if you try to feed them separately ... not going to happen!! I have to feed them two bowls one spoon and they cry in between bites. No joke. It's okay at home I think I get a pretty good workout spooning so quickly in all but try feeding them in a restaurant and they cry between bites people look at you like when is the last time your fed those babies! We are starting to get use to all of the public attention. It's not easy to shop quickly when people are constantly stopping you, sometimes it's easier to find a sitter. Thanks Gramma Rita!! We understand though. Anyways, Rae and Ri are such happy little babies and we love them to pieces!! They were so good on vacation. I think they really enjoyed the southern baby food. It is nothing like up here. They have pineapple glazed ham, country breakfast, sweet corn casserole, cinnamon raisin cereal...these are all in jars. They ate as good as we did!! Rae and Ri are also starting to eat more table food, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, all that good stuff!! They have a really good schedule too. They go to bed around 9ish and wake around 10 and still take 2 naps. I didn't take a formal 10 month picture but here is one that I love from vacation. They are truly a blessing to our family and we thank the Lord everyday that we have them!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

We're home!!

Wow, hard to believe that our vacation is over. It was great!! Too bad it went sooo fast. I have about 600 pictures that I need to go through. I know, I know your surprised it's only too :0) We had such a great time we started our trip out going to Orlando, it is such a beautiful place I know I could live there!! Josh's Aunt Elfie lives there and we got to visit with her, she even went to Sea World with us. We stayed with Elf for 3 days and 2 nights and even made time to go to downtown Disney and have dinner at the Rainforest Cafe...delicious!! Then we headed up to Panama City to see my mom and dad. We had such an amazing time it went way too fast. It's hard to only get to see your parents a few times a year we miss them so much!! The babies loved getting to see their Gramma and PaPa they bonded with them right away. Makenna and Chloe loved Gramma and PaPa's pool (Chloe even learned how to swim under water all by herself...way to go Chlo!!) We came back with great tans even though we lathered the sun block on --- it was soooo hot! The babies traveled like little angels, we had a few rough times but to be strapped in a car seat for 14-16 hours is NO fun and they did great. Thank you babies!! They were little troopers they had a great schedule an usually took 2 naps a day. Thanks Gramma for keeping an eye on them while we lounged by the pool. My brother Jon and his wife Laura (she is more than a sis in law she is one of my best friends!! Love ya girlfriend!) took their kids to Disney and then came up to Panama City and stayed while we were there and then we all traveled back together... we had a lot of fun and the kids loved hanging out with their cousins. Thank you Lord for our safe trip to and from Florida and for the time we were able to spend with our amazing family...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts lately...we've been on vacation for about a week and a half now and we'll be back soon. I had planned on posting but the computer I have access to I can't upload photos so it's not quite as much fun. We will be back very soon and then look out...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Getting Soaked

Sea World was a scorcher!!! Hot doesn't even begin to describe it. We got to pet stingrays, feed the dolphins, watch a dolphin show and the best see SHAMU!!! He is one amazing creation of God's. The babies did so good considering they were sweating from head to toe just as we entered the park. They actually did better than the big girls who complained the whole time we were walking across the parking lot to go in. The question is do we do it all over again?? Our tickets are good for two days. I just don't know if I could take the heat again...makes me rethink our vacation to Disney. It may have to be a January/February trip. I hear that's the best time to go that the weather is perfect. Check out this clip of us getting soaked by Shamu...Riley was not happy!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Playing at naptime

these are previously taken pics...

Lately when the babies wake up from their naps we have been hearing the most adorable belly laughs coming from their room. This will go on for close to a half hour. Very nice when Mama is in the middle of doing something. Anyway, yesterday I peeked in to see what was so funny. It was so cute. Riley was standing in her crib playing peek a boo with Reagan. They were both cracking up. Now it is an everyday thing. It's so sweet...I hope to catch it on film!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And so it begins...

Long live the days I could get the babies attention long enough to get a picture of them both looking at me.
P.S. Reagan's shirt is wet because I step out of the room for a second and she spilled my water all over the floor :0)

Taggy Blankets

Okay are these too cute or what!! And how about this...I made them. Well, with a little help in the sewing department. It was my concept, my labor mostly and I absolutely love 'em. I hope the babies do too. Have you heard of them yet?? I have only seen them on eBay and I thought surely they aren't that hard to make. So it was off to Joann Fabrics for me. $30. later I had TWO of the cutest taggy blanket I've seen. I had a friend do the embroidering and then my sis in laws mom sewed them together. I cut the fabric and ribbons and tacked it all together and here they are. The reason I mentioned $30 is because as I started to Google taggy blankets I came across some very pretty ones that ran around $35-$40/each + shipping. So I'm pretty excited I got two for the price off one ;0) I may have to start making these for baby gifts. It was a lot of fun!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Relay for Life

Our troop participated in Relay for Life. The girls walk the flag down the track as the National Anthem was sang. They did such a great job, we are all so proud of them. My own little girl scout did not get to participate as she came down with the flu.

Miss Molly's

This weekend we went to Miss Molly's Tea Room with our girl scout troop. It was so much fun and absolutely delicious!! I love Miss Molly's. It is such a great place to take your little girl or in my case girls. I had the chicken salad on a pastry puff with lemon tea bread and broccoli cauliflower salad...oh so good, and Kenna and Chloe had pizza, soda in their very own tea pot and cherry applesauce. They each also got to decorate an iced sugar cookie for dessert. It is just a neat place to take your little girl to have special Mommy daughter time.