Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Name

Okay, so I need to think of another name for our blog. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I've decided (after someone mentioned it) that maybe people are coming across my blog simply for the title and possibly thinking it could be about something other than raising 4 daughters. After first I thought "no, ewww that's gross no way would our blog simply by title alone be confused for say some other maybe distasteful site". But alas with the feedjit on the side bar I've noticed visits directed from google searches. Maybe people are googling something that I've titled a post about (very possible) but just to put my mind at ease it's gonna change. I wanna think of something cute and clever but I'm comin' up blank. This is were you could come in. Any suggestions/ideas? Don't be could be fun. After all people often ask for ideas when naming their babies so I need a little help too. You could leave it anonymously. Just keep it clean ;0). Okay, so don't be surprised in the next couple of days if you click on my blog and the name is changed.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Kenna Bear

You are my angel ... you are the love of my life! Happy Birthday baby girl.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Twins

I couldn't leave my babies out. They went to the powder puff derby as well and were exceptionally good considering the race lasted over 3 hours! YIKES. They missed their naps. Well, Rae snuck in a little nap on one of my friend's lap...this was a first. They are so use to laying down in their cribs and then going to sleep that they can't hardly nap any other way. Anyhow, they were good little babies.

*Powder Puff Derby*

It's kinda like the cub scouts pinewood derby but girlified! So of course we had to *bling* our cars with jewels and glitter!

Aren't our cars so cute??? They didn't win but they sure did look pretty going down the track.

This one is Chloe's (#23) and Kenna's is in the above picture (#12) she choose that number because it is her Daddy's unit #. Chloe pick #23 just because she said she likes those numbers.

**Chloe update~~~ she is doing great. She went back to school today and was assigned a buddy to help her out. She also went all day without any pain medicine. We did have to give her some tonight but she sure is turning out to be one tough little cookie! She gets her cast in two more days.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Back Home

Mommy and Chloe hanging out before surgery

Chloe being silly with daddy...she thought he looked so funny.

Checking all my girl's vitals

A little nervous

Heading back to surgery...Daddy got to go back until Chloe fell asleep.

After surgery, just out of recovery.

We are now home. Chloe is quite an amazing little girl if I do say so myself. She has been so brave through this whole thing. The surgery took approximately an hour and was unfortunately more invasive than the doctor had hoped. They had to make an incision and put two long pins in her elbow to reattach the bone. She broke part of the growth plate so there was no other choice. The doctor said the surgery went well and that he would cast her arm next week when she has her post op appointment. So far she hasn't been in too much pain but that could be in large part to the two doses of morphine they gave her. She has been snacking and coloring a little (one of her most favorite things to do). Thank you all for your prayers...I'm glad this day is almost over.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

This was not in my appointment book!

Not exactly what I had planned for tomorrow. I had plans ... realtor luncheon, junior achievement for Kenna's class, work until 5pm those kind of plans however last night my week took a huge U-Turn. I was showing a house that should be closing early next week when I got the call. I don't usually answer my cell phone during a showing but I did pull it out of my pocket to see who was calling. I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw the name. It was my girls gymnastics teacher, Chloe's class was over in 10 minutes and I was just getting ready to leave to pick her up. Although the girls coach is a very good friend of mine I knew she wouldn't be calling to chat during class. So I answered and the first thing she said was Rachel this is not a good call. She went on to say Chloe had an accident during class and I need to come asap. She said that while Chloe was practicing her back-handsprings on the trampoline she fell and hurt her arm and that they heard a very loud pop and that I probably need to take her to the ER to have it checked out. Heather said that Chloe is a pro at her back handsprings and had done about 20-30 before the accident and that she cleared the flip but her elbow gave out and she was pretty sure it was something serious. I decided to call Josh (he is my rock) and tell him what was happening. We decided that I should come home and have him pick her up, I was only 2 minutes from home and we only live 2 minutes from the studio. Josh called me after he picked up Chloe and said that it was bad and he was on his way to the hospital. After the x-rays were complete the ER doc told Josh that Chloe had actually broken a piece of the bone off and that she may need surgery. They wrapped it up in a temporary cast and we had an appointment today with the orthopedic surgeon. My Chloe will be having her second surgery in less than a year tomorrow. My heart breaks for her. She has been so strong through this all but as soon as the doctor mentioned surgery she started to cry. The last surgery was very hard, she was in a lot of pain for quiet a while and she has not forgotten. Please say a little prayer for my girl tomorrow. I know that this could be so much worse but she is my baby, she is only 6 years old and she is scared. I will post tomorrow and let you know how everything went. On the up side she was very excited to see she would be getting a pink cast...that's my girl! ;0)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Ice Tour

High School Musical the Ice Tour that is. Kenna and Chloe love the movie so much that when I saw they were coming to town I knew we just had to go. We had such a great time. I can remember being little and going to the Ice shows...great memories! Now Josh and I are making those memories with our children. It was a great show. It combined the first movie along with the sequel. We watched the movie on our way to the show and it was neat to see how they condensed it but really hit on some key things from the movies. We all gave it two thumbs up!

These weren't really necessary~ nonetheless the girls enjoyed looking through them.

here are a few pics from the show....

Chloe snuggling with her daddy...we sure did miss him. He was away at training most of last week.

Babies and Puppies

What could be any cuter???

Thursday, January 17, 2008

stop by and say a little prayer

So, I read a lot of blogs. Seriously A LOT! Most of them are fun, lots of them are families with multiples, and some are truly heartbreaking. Which brings me to the point of this post. I was reading a blog I frequent and there was a link to a blog. I usually do click on them to see but this one is so profound I had to share it with you. I am asking you all to stop by and pray for this family. They could use our prayers right now. I have asked for prayer before and you are all amazing so I ask again that you take a moment and stop by and pray for Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth. The blog is written by Nate, it's called Confessions of a CF Husband he needs all of the support he can get right now. Thank you! May you all have a blessed day with the ones you love.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

*Growth Update*

The babies had their 15 month check up yesterday even though they are now 16 months and this is how it went...
Reagan Brooke
weight 21 lbs. 2 oz.
length 29.73 inches
Riley Addison
weight 20 lbs. .64 oz.
length 29.73 inches
*Since birth Reagan has been one pound more than little Riley or as Reagan calls her "iley"

Me and my buddy

We bought the babies "Harness Buddies" for Christmas and although they have never had the leashes attached or worn them out in public (yet) they love 'em! They love having them on so much that when you take them off (Reagan especially) will cry and try to put her arm back in. So lately their "buddies" have just become part of their everyday really is cute to see them walking around with them on their backs. I wonder though how much they will like them once we use them the right way....hmmmm?

a little riddle....

What's cuter than one pair of bunny slippers?

TWO pairs of bunny slippers!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Influenza = Hospitalization

Wow, what a week! My poor hubby has been so sick that it landed him an overnight stay in the hospital. What's worse... if passing out in the doctors office isn't bad enough once he was admitted they realized his potassium level was dangerously low and could start effecting his heart. My poor guy. He is a migraine sufferer too so add that to the mix. I am happy to say he is on his way to recovery. He is still battling a chest cough but is home and doing much better. This is a big reason I haven't blogged much lately, but I am back now.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Exhibit A and B

Why the babies are NOT allowed on the couch...

Reagan and Riley LOVE to get up on the couch with us. However, most of the time we don't let them because they are not content to sit on our laps they want to climb, stand, and crawl all around. They do know how to get down it's just they are so excited to be up there they don't realize how close they come to the edge. I like to prevent falls from above ground as much as possible.

*Which brings me to this next subject. The other day the babies were down for a nap so I was doing some housework and heard a huge *boom* of course my first thought is the big girls except they were in the basement with me, can't be Josh he's sleeping...OH NO! Yep, I ran upstairs when the crying began, Reagan got/fell out of her crib. What?! She is only 15 months, her crib mattress is all the way down. How in the world could this happen? My poor baby. Well, of course I looked everywhere to see red a.k.a injury site. Nothing...I'm a worrier by nature and when it comes to my kids it's magnified immensely. I was on my way to the hospital just for peace of mind when Josh and I decided maybe we should give her a little time and see how she acts. Within a few minutes of cuddling she was back to herself. A short time later a red mark appeared on the side of her forehead. My little baby, I felt so bad. Okay now what. I don't know how it happened so how do I prevent it from happening again? We took out the bumper pad thinking maybe just maybe that gave her just enough umpf. When I went to put her to bed that night I stood her in her crib to see where the rail came on her. It was at her SHOULDERS! Today when I had her in her crib getting her and Riley dressed I saw her try to climb up the rail again. She was barefoot and could actually get leverage. So no more barefooted babies in bed. In the meantime I think I might be on the look out for something for earlier climbers. They are way too little for toddler beds. Anyone else out there have a similar problem? I'd love suggestions!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Making memories with our Big Girls

Here's a few pics from us getting ready to being there. Yesterday was a great day that Josh and I enjoyed spending with our Big Girls (as we call them). No doubt plenty of memories for both them and us were made. The concert was amazing, we had awesome was perfect!
Can't go to the best concert ever without signs.

The girls with their TICKETS!!!!

Thee tour bus!!!

Group shot just missing our peanuts.

Daddy and his big girls.

Mama and 2 of her girls.

Hannah and her dancers doing their thang

We were so there!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pig Tails...

Aren't They So Cute!!!
"Ri Ri"
"the back view"

"Rae Rae"

Rae Rae can you say "hi"

Favorite Gifts

We had a very Merry Christmas in the Hunt House. This was the first year the big girls got up early...and when I say early I mean EARLY. I remember hearing Chloe at around 1:00am going into her room and waking Kenna. She said, "Kenna he CAME!!!" I didn't want to take a way from their excitement so I stayed in bed and eventually fell back to sleep. When Josh got off work at 7:00am the girls were up and hanging out on the couch, patiently?? He actually told them to go back to sleep for at least an hour and then we could open presents. They did not/could not go back to sleep. So we got up and got the babies up, who were still asleep and began opening presents. I think Kenna and Chloe had studied them because they knew just by the size of the package who's was who's.

They babies didn't rip open their presents the way I thought they would, but they sure did love them once they were open. The bouncing Zebra was definitely one of their faves!

Chloe was so excited to get her pink Pottery Barn Kids sink that would complete her kitchen!
(Grandma Rita and Papa Dale got it for her)

Makenna had two favorites, her apple green mp3 player (from Santa) and her Ashton Drake "Ashley" doll that breaths (from Grandma Rita and Papa Dale).
I'll try to post more pics with the gifts not in boxes...I was not on my game with the picture takin' thing. It was a late night assembling and wrapping last minute gifts.
Not pictured was Josh with his awesome had no idea was getting one of those gifts: his Wii! We have had a blast with that let me tell you. My arm is killing me but I bowled a 233 today...wahoo! Thank you so much Rita we ALL love it. I also loved all of my clothes...they were PERFECT, and I'm not just saying that cuz you let me pick them out ;0)!!
**We also bought the girls a table and chairs set so their kitchen is complete, now I just need to get on the whole painting the playroom thing**
...I still can't decide what colors or what design. :0(

Vroom! Vroom!

Aunt Laura and Uncle John bought the babies a new car for Christmas and they absolutely loved it. They loved it so much they fought over it. They climbed in and out of it over and over again. Rae even decided to take her baby for a was so cute. The funny thing is they insist on climbing in the car in the "Dukes of Hazards" way rather than the side where the door actually opens!