Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas with Family

Presents, presents, presents....

Oh, how we are blessed!! Alot has changed in our lives this year. For this Josh and I are eternally greatful!! Reagan and Riley completed our family. They gave our girls the chance to experience having babies in our home full time. We saw how once or twice again our hearts grew in size. We are so humbled by God. He has a plan and it isn't always what you may expect. We are so thankful for his plan. We feel so blessed for our family, our friends, our health. We are thankful to all of you who kept our family in your prayers. That has meant so much to us. More than words. May God continue to bless all of you...Happy New Year!

Uncle John and Aunt Sharon visit...

Uncle John and Aunt Sharon drove an hour and a half to come and visit us and meet our newest addition. It was so nice getting to see and spend time with them. Thank you so much for coming we love you.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family... may you all have a blessed New Year!
Josh, Rachel, Makenna, Chloe, Reagan, Riley, and Tinkerbell

Friday, December 22, 2006

3 days til Christmas......

We can hardly wait, although we are a little concerned about the list(naughty or nice). Mom checked it a couple of weeks ago an we weren't looking so good. I think it's that whole getting along with your sister thing, and the cleaning up after yourself. We definitely have to work on that. We think Santa knows though that we really do love each other even though we fight and sometimes we clean our room but usually Mommy and Daddy have to tell us too.

We are so glad this year that we have new baby sisters!! We didn't think we would ever have any more siblings but then Mommy and Daddy said that God surprised us and that we are blessed. We think so too. We can't wait for Reagan and Riley to play with us. They are so cute!

Well, we are getting ready to go bake cookies with our gram gram...yummy!!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone,

Kenna and Chloe
p.s. Happy Birthday Jesus

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Daisy Scouts go Caroling

Chloe and her troop went Christmas Caroling at a nursing home!!

It was a great experience. You could tell the patients really enjoyed having the girls there.

More Pics of the girls

Reagan Brooke

Riley Addison

Playtime sure can wear you out!!


Rae and Ri Ri are sick!!! Poor little things, this is their second cold already. They are all stuffy and can hardly breathe through their little noses. Daddy is pretty good with the sucker. We are hoping that it will all be cleared up by Christmas and we can have a good day with our family. They haven't been too fussy for not feeling well. They are really good little babies. Their new things are sucking their hands intentionally, and cooing a lot...daddy can really get them going, and Rae has figured out how to rub her eyes. It is so cute. I think when you have preemies you notice developemental accomplishments a lot more. It makes you feel good to know they are on track. Rae has also rolled over from tummy to back. Neither one of them like tummy time much. Life is They sure do love each other.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Programs.....

Christmas time brings Christmas programs. We just love to watch them. The girls did a great job in their programs. Makenna played an elf in the third grade production of ... the littlest reindeer... and Chloe was in our church play ... Christmas Crosstalk... they were so cute. You could tell they both really enjoyed themselves. Makenna said someone told her she did a really good job at using expression. She said, Mommy, I bet when I grow up I could be an actress... too cute... but believe me we already have a drama queen!! LOL. Makenna ended up playing two roles in her program because one of her little friends was sick and unable to perform. She did really well considering she didn't have much notice to learn her new lines. There is quite the out break of illness right now in her school. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she stays healthy, Christmas is right around the corner.

Chloe did a really good job in her program. It was set up as a talk show with people for and against Christmas, very cute. She was part of the choir. Her cousins Darian and Sean were also in the program. I sat there thinking about how I can't believe she is 5 years old already, and just how fast time goes. She was my baby and now she's 5, a little girl. She is such a loving little girl, she absolutely loves to give her sisters and Mommy and Daddy hugs and kisses. She also loves cuddle time. She'll go get her pillow and blanket take the throw pillows off the couch put hers on there and say "Daddy it's cuddle time" and within minutes she is out.

God has truly blessed our family this year!! We are so lucky to have our 4 girls each one of them with their own special little personalities. Reagan and Riley were truly a surprise but God knew what he was doing and we can't imagine our lives without them. Thank you all for your prayers and support while our babies were in the hospital. Please continue to pray for the babies and their families that will be spending this holiday season in the NICU.

In Gods Love,

Josh and Rachel

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hip Hop

Makenna and Chloe had a hip hop dance competition this past weekend at the Canton Civic Center. They both did such a good job we were so proud!! They just love to dance. They both received 1st place medals to add to their collection.

We are 3 months old!!

It is so hard to believe our little angels have been with us for three months. They are doing so much and are more and more fun everyday. Reagan and Riley love to be talked to and to talk back, it is so adorable and they love to smile-just not when mom and dad are trying to take their picture. God sure did surprise us with these two but we will be forever grateful.

Monday, December 4, 2006

"The Girls"

Welcome to our page!! This will be our first of many posts. As many of you know our family double in size this year atleast the child portion. God blessed our family with two new wonderful twin baby GIRLS!! It is amazing how your heart grows with every child. I thought blogging about our family would be a fun way to watch our girls grow. So I hope you all enjoy. Stay posted........