Friday, December 22, 2006

3 days til Christmas......

We can hardly wait, although we are a little concerned about the list(naughty or nice). Mom checked it a couple of weeks ago an we weren't looking so good. I think it's that whole getting along with your sister thing, and the cleaning up after yourself. We definitely have to work on that. We think Santa knows though that we really do love each other even though we fight and sometimes we clean our room but usually Mommy and Daddy have to tell us too.

We are so glad this year that we have new baby sisters!! We didn't think we would ever have any more siblings but then Mommy and Daddy said that God surprised us and that we are blessed. We think so too. We can't wait for Reagan and Riley to play with us. They are so cute!

Well, we are getting ready to go bake cookies with our gram gram...yummy!!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone,

Kenna and Chloe
p.s. Happy Birthday Jesus

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