Tuesday, February 27, 2007

(Chloe took this picture)
Josh and Kenna, daddy was on his way to SWAT practice.

Monday, February 26, 2007

We're feeling much better!!

Not sure what the fevers were from but I am happy to say they are GONE!! What a relief! My babies are back to themselves.

They weren't being very cooperative tonight when Mommy was trying to watch "Hero's". Love that show, it is so good. Tonight's episode was very good. Any Hero's fans out there?? I was already, early baths, homework done, jammies on, I even had the babies asleep. That didn't last - this picture was taken during a commercial break...lol. Love em to death just wanted to watch 1 show. Well, I do like Deal or No Deal but I'd chose Hero's over it. All is good my babes are worth the distraction. I'll have Laura fill me in later. Daddy had SWAT training tonight (it's suppose to be his night off) so it was me and my girls.

I have a prayer request please pray for my partner her father is going through some testing, also there is a little girl at our church I believe she is 3-4 yrs old. Her name is Kerrie Dodez she has been battling cancer and up until recently she her scans were coming back clear. Sunday her father asked for prayers through the tears he said her last scan had some concerns. Please pray for Kerrie and her family God has healed her once and he can do it again!!!

Sick Again..

Not a fun weekend in the Hunt household. Three of our four girls were sick. Chloe came home Thursday from school and said her tummy, head and throat hurt. I thought maybe she was just tried and wanted to take a nap (she isn't allowed to take a nap on school days usually because than she can't fall asleep at bedtime) but this wasn't the case. Although, I did give in and let her lay down at 6:30pm. I figured she would probably sleep through the night and just wake up early for school. Nope!! She woke up at midnight throwing up. Poor thing. We got her into the doctor early Saturday morning...Strep Throat...again. Second time in a month. Unbelievable. She started her antibotic and is back to school today, she was pretty excited to get back. Little Riley started running a low grade fever Friday evening with a little bit of a runny nose. By Saturday she was doing much better but than it hit Rae. Rae had a temp. Sunday of 102 degrees. It was so sad she was not her little self at all. Today they seem like they are doing much better. Mom and Dad are worn out. Last night was not a good one. I think they woke up every 2 hours at the same time crying...not fun (Reagan and Riley that is, not Mommy and Daddy ;)). Hopefully this was just because they weren't feeling well. Makenna is as healthy as ever it was just her and Mommy at Church on Sunday, great service Pastor John!! Kenna loved the Simon Says.

Time for me to head out, taste test time @ Smuckers. Cornbread!! It would be much better if they would give us butter with it and maybe some chili...lol.

Have a great day all!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bath Time for Reagan!!

This is our little Rae of
sunshine. Reagan's nick-
She is such a little angel, just like her 3 sisters.
Not too much longer in this tub, we'll be graduating up to the ducky tub. We have to be able to sit up by ourselves for that one.

*Don't know if you can tell but they have their toe nails painted.

Bath Time for Riley!!

Bath time!! They are starting to like their baths more now.

By the way here's a picture of small fry smiling. Just a little nickname we have given Riley.
The robe pictures were taken before their baths.
They got their robes for x-mas from grandma Rita.


Riley and Reagan got their RSV shots today, OUCH!! Poor little things. Only two more months of this and then they are done. The nurse comes to our house to administer them which is very nice. I was thinking how blessed we are they are doing so good and aside from the colds they haven't had any serious illnesses. We will continue to pray though flu season is not over. I think they recognized the nurse this time. They both started to get fussy when she arrived... :O(

Weight Updates:
Reagan 12lbs. 12oz.
Riley 12lbs. 1 oz.

(almost 5 1/2 months old)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Hero

On 2/15/07 at approximately 3:08 pm dispatcher Knode received a 911 call from an Orrville residence. The caller was a female with a prior history of heart problems who had fallen and was now feeling dizzy. She was alone with her 4 year old granddaughter. Ptl. Clos arrived almost immediately and requested the OFD squad. Sgt. Pauley and Ptl. Hunt arrived just seconds later. Ptl. Clos took charge of the little girl and moved her out of sight of the victim and kept her occupied. Sgt. Pauley and Ptl. Hunt checked for vital signs and connected the AED to the victim (they performed CPR). OFD arrived and eventually were able to stabilize the victim for transport. It was later determined she would survive.

The was part of the report from that event. If it hadn't been for these officers and dispatcher Knodes quick response a little girl wouldn't have her grandmother, a husband wouldn't have his wife, a son/daughter wouldn't have they're mother, a mother and father wouldn't have their daughter. They saved her life.

I always knew my husband was a hero and this is just one of the many calls that prove that. Everyday these officers go to work not knowing what will happen how they will effect someones life or if they themselves will return home. Every time they find a drunk driver they potentially saved a life not only the unknowing victim, but the driver them self. I am forever grateful to all of these officers and the dispatchers who react quickly yet calmly when someone is in need. They will always be heroes to me. I pray for their safety and that they will return home to their own families.

Sgt. Pauley and Ptl. Hunt received "life saving" awards and commendations, Ptl. Clos and Dispatcher Knode also received letters of commendations.

"You have brought honor to yourself, the department and the City of Orrville." (this quote was in the letter) Congratulations to you all you deserve it!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Hunt Family

I did it!!

I did it!! I rolled over today all by myself. Reagan may have rolled from tummy to back first but I rolled back to tummy first. I may be the "baby" but I did it and I am so proud of myself. I think my mommy and daddy are pretty proud too cause they cheer and laugh and get all excited when I do it. It's a piece of cake!! It took me less than a week to figure it out now just try to keep me on my back to change my diaper I dare you...

Daddy took this video when Mommy was at work again, he loves taping me and my big sister Reagan. I think he loves his time with us all by himself. We keep him hoppin', he's the bestest daddy in the WORLD and we love him so much!!

Rae will probably let you know when she finally gets it, she's close and I'm sure daddy will get it on video.

Well, I am sleepy have a good night everyone.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Grandma Peg

A visit with Grandma Peg. This is Josh's grandma so she would be our girls great grandma
we don't get to see her to often but sure do love her. Shawna (Josh's sister) and her girls Kayla, Lauren and little boy Zach came to Kenna's birthday party all the way from E. Liverpool
so she thought it would be awesome to surprise Grandma Peg with a visit. It was a surprise
and Grandma loved every minute of it. We love you grandma.

A visit from special friends

Janeen and Ellie came to visit Rae and Ri it had been awhile
since they had seen them. It was so nice spending time with our
friends, I miss you guys so much. Ellie is getting so big and she
is such a smart little girl not to mention BEAUTIFUL!!
Love you guys, can't wait til Friday!!

Bridge to Terabithia

We took the girls (all four of them) to the movies Sunday, it was a great movie two thumbs up!! Sad though...not going to give anymore away. This one we will buy when it comes out on DVD.
The babies were great not a peep. By the way there was a couple sitting behind us (husband and wife) they were both twins. He has an identical twin and she has a fraternal but they didn't have twins themselves. Cool huh?!

Roller Skating

This weekend we celebrated Kenna's birthday party with some of her very best friends. It was a great time except when I fell on my tail bone and could hardly walk the rest of the party. Not fun, I realized I am so not as cool as I use to be...lol. Poor Chloe, she brought me down and felt horrible she didn't want to hold my hand anymore she knew mommy was hurt. It was a great time, other than mine no one else had any injuries. That's a good thing. It was a lot of fun.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Just a quick comment about the below video. Daddy took this while Mommy was at work. He said they were really giggling before he got the camera. Josh would also like to apoligize if anyone gets a little motion sickness...lol ;) He had Reagan in one arm and the digital camera in the other hand.

I love it, it makes me laugh hearing them. You can hear Reagan squealing, they do love each other.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


So Sweet!!

Twins sure can wear you out!!
(This picture was too cute not to post.)


Tinkerbell loves to play in the snow just like
our other girls. This is before the big storm hit.
She loves to bury her face in the snow. She wasn't
too sure after we got 18 or so inches and she jump
off the front porch and couldn't walk through
the snow. After that we had to force her
out the door...it's was pretty funny.
She's our other baby!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5months 4days

My babies are 5 months and 4 days old- I am a little late posting. It is so hard to believe the time is just going so fast. They are doing so much!! It's a lot of fun watching them learn new things. They are pushing up quite a bit on their arms when they lay on their tummies, they also get on their knees but they don't do both together...not yet. Rae and Ri love to talk and interact with each other, it's so cute!! We couldn't wait for them to realize that their best friend was with them all of the time. They love each other you can see it in their little faces they smile at each other and just talk and coo...adorable!! We love them so much, more and more everyday. They bring so much joy to our lives!! They are also starting to suck on their toys as well as their blankets, fists etc. They are increasingly more and more squirmy. They are getting around in their own ways. Not sure how much they weigh we don't go back to the doctor until next month. They sure do seem like they are growing they are almost out of their 0-3mo. clothing. I was giving them a bath last night and it hit me how much they have grown they are starting to fill out their baby tub. I can't imagine all the things they will be doing next month. We get to start rice cereal I'm excited for that but not Daddy. We are probably going to be hitting Babies R Us this weekend to pick out matching high chairs. For all my friends with multiples they give a discount for twins and more Toys R Us does too. We need all the savings we can get. I still haven't decided on the DNA test but I'll let you know if we do it. Thank you Grandma Rita and Papa Dale and Aunt Jenna the babies and big sisters spent Saturday night at Grandma's house and Mommy and Daddy got to have an early Valentine's Day. It was so nice, we slept through the night for the first time in 5 months. It was much needed and it felt great. Thanks guys we love you and thank you for taking such good care of our girls. I missed them to pieces!!

Snow day number 2

Day 2 with no school!! The girls are enjoying our blast of winter. We almost made it, up until this point we hadn't really had any snow. The ground hog saw
his shadow and Mama was counting down the days til spring. :0)Then whammy!! 14inches or something to that affect. The girls were so excited to go out and play, too bad they could hardly walk through it... They had a great time though. Take a look at the picture of them standing by the sidewalk -- look at how tall the snow is!! They say it has been 13 years since we've had this much snow.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Identical or Faternal????

We found out we were expecting twins when I was 10 weeks pregnant. An early ultrasound was done because the doctor couldn't find the babies heart beat. One stroke of the wand and there THEY where. They were in separate sacs but according to the specialist at a much later ultrasound shared a single placenta. He was straight forward, no doubt in his mind-identical! I wanted them to be healthy first and foremost and then hoped they would be identical. The question is if they are truly identical why is it that only Reagan has a dimple?? Hmmm....well we could do a DNA test not quite as expensive as I thought or just wait and see. It's hard not to see the unbelievable resemblance. What do you think?

P.S. the genetic DNA test runs $160. they mail it right to your house you swab inside the babies cheek and send it back - the results are emailed or snail mailed back in 7-10 days.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Daddy and his babies

Here's to the best daddy in the world. I just wanted to post and give you a quick glimpse into a typical day in the Hunt household. It all starts at around 7:15am, Daddy gets up starts breakfast for Makenna and Chloe while Mommy catches a few more winks since she is still getting up in the middle of the night to nurse the babies. Daddy runs Chloe's bath if she didn't get it in the night before. Then he wakes Mommy so she can pick out the girls clothes and start the hair do's. In the meantime Daddy is either soothing Rae and Ri or ironing the big girls clothes. Then if baths/showers were required Daddy will pitch in and start blow drying Makenna or Chloe's hair. What a guy! Then he starts with the count down...i.e. it's 8:00, its 8:15 are we almost done...lol. The girls get dressed Mommy does the finishing touches on their hair while Daddy checks the backpacks and warms up the van. At approx. 8:35-8:40am ten minutes after Daddy already wanted to leave the girls are out the door on their way to school. Daddy then comes home and Mommy gets ready for work and heads out. Should be 9:00am but usually more around 9:30. The babies usually get hungry when I'm in the biggest hurry. Daddy then is home with the twins alone until around 2:00pm. Mommy comes through the door just in time for Daddy to get showered and ready to go out and keep our town safe!! This is about what a great Daddy my girls have so no need to go into Mommy night. I just wanted to say how awesome my husband is and that I appreciate him SO much!!! Also, I think God saw how good you were with Kenna and Chloe he figured you were the perfect guy for 4 daughters. ;) I love you Joshua, you are everything I always wanted!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ah, to be young again

Chloe had a busy evening,
she made Ravioli for dinner,
she did the laundry and
she ironed her doll clothes
well except for the ones that
had to hang dry.


I am wanting to paint a mural (kitchen scene) on the walls in the girls play area. Maybe you can help me with my dilemma. I have no idea what color to paint the wall. Here is my concept. I want to paint the wall and paint a window above the sink, a clock above the stove and possibly a cabinet above the refrigerator. Any suggestions on the colors I should use???? I would like to paint the window frame white as well as the cabinet. I really need to decide on the wall color and curtain color. I would love to hear your input. Thanks I'll post pictures when it's complete.

Lost and Found

We now have a lost and found box in our home...lol. Funny, huh?! Well you see we found a hat that didn't belong to anyone in our home. I made a silly comment about how we should have a lost and found, well you can't tell that to a kindergartner. She knows all about lost and found boxes there is one at her school. No prob mommy I can make us one. By the way we just figured one of our neighborhood friends left it behind.

Keeping Track

I'm adding this counter to our site to see how many hits we are getting. I always wonder how many people are checking out our blog. Please leave comments when you feel the need, it's fun to know what you are all thinking and if you like our blog.


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Friday, February 2, 2007

Twins Poem...

Here we are, it's plain to see,

I'm just like you, you're just like me.

Two grow together from the start,

Beneath our Mother's loving heart.

Though soon we'll walk a separate path,

You'll always be my other half.

Lord, Thank you from us both, Amen.

'Cause we were born with our best friend.