Monday, February 26, 2007

We're feeling much better!!

Not sure what the fevers were from but I am happy to say they are GONE!! What a relief! My babies are back to themselves.

They weren't being very cooperative tonight when Mommy was trying to watch "Hero's". Love that show, it is so good. Tonight's episode was very good. Any Hero's fans out there?? I was already, early baths, homework done, jammies on, I even had the babies asleep. That didn't last - this picture was taken during a commercial Love em to death just wanted to watch 1 show. Well, I do like Deal or No Deal but I'd chose Hero's over it. All is good my babes are worth the distraction. I'll have Laura fill me in later. Daddy had SWAT training tonight (it's suppose to be his night off) so it was me and my girls.

I have a prayer request please pray for my partner her father is going through some testing, also there is a little girl at our church I believe she is 3-4 yrs old. Her name is Kerrie Dodez she has been battling cancer and up until recently she her scans were coming back clear. Sunday her father asked for prayers through the tears he said her last scan had some concerns. Please pray for Kerrie and her family God has healed her once and he can do it again!!!

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