Tuesday, February 27, 2007

(Chloe took this picture)
Josh and Kenna, daddy was on his way to SWAT practice.


Jessica Wilson said...

So glad everyone is feeling much better. Not fun when the kids are sick. I don't have my bags packed yet, but I guess I should start thinking about it soon. Only a few more days!! I know, looking at the pictures of the twins is weird...they were so tiny. Any yes, I do get them confused sometimes. Callen is starting to get so chubby, (That was always the dead give-away for Coleman). I wish you could meet Meghan, JoEllen , and I for lunch. Someday I am sure we will meet face to face though! Have a great night!!


Candice Lovett said...

You had asked how close to Panama City, Florida i am, and actually i don't even live in Florida. I live in Southern California (similar, sunny, nice golden beaches). it would be nice to one day meet you and your families all in person.
thanks for leaving a comment on my page. have a great week!