Monday, February 26, 2007

Sick Again..

Not a fun weekend in the Hunt household. Three of our four girls were sick. Chloe came home Thursday from school and said her tummy, head and throat hurt. I thought maybe she was just tried and wanted to take a nap (she isn't allowed to take a nap on school days usually because than she can't fall asleep at bedtime) but this wasn't the case. Although, I did give in and let her lay down at 6:30pm. I figured she would probably sleep through the night and just wake up early for school. Nope!! She woke up at midnight throwing up. Poor thing. We got her into the doctor early Saturday morning...Strep Throat...again. Second time in a month. Unbelievable. She started her antibotic and is back to school today, she was pretty excited to get back. Little Riley started running a low grade fever Friday evening with a little bit of a runny nose. By Saturday she was doing much better but than it hit Rae. Rae had a temp. Sunday of 102 degrees. It was so sad she was not her little self at all. Today they seem like they are doing much better. Mom and Dad are worn out. Last night was not a good one. I think they woke up every 2 hours at the same time crying...not fun (Reagan and Riley that is, not Mommy and Daddy ;)). Hopefully this was just because they weren't feeling well. Makenna is as healthy as ever it was just her and Mommy at Church on Sunday, great service Pastor John!! Kenna loved the Simon Says.

Time for me to head out, taste test time @ Smuckers. Cornbread!! It would be much better if they would give us butter with it and maybe some

Have a great day all!!

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Janeen said...

Oh, no!!!! So sorry you guys had a yuck weekend!!! So far, Ellie is ok! Hopefully we will bypass not fun!!!! Take care of the girls for me!!!!

Much love