Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Hero

On 2/15/07 at approximately 3:08 pm dispatcher Knode received a 911 call from an Orrville residence. The caller was a female with a prior history of heart problems who had fallen and was now feeling dizzy. She was alone with her 4 year old granddaughter. Ptl. Clos arrived almost immediately and requested the OFD squad. Sgt. Pauley and Ptl. Hunt arrived just seconds later. Ptl. Clos took charge of the little girl and moved her out of sight of the victim and kept her occupied. Sgt. Pauley and Ptl. Hunt checked for vital signs and connected the AED to the victim (they performed CPR). OFD arrived and eventually were able to stabilize the victim for transport. It was later determined she would survive.

The was part of the report from that event. If it hadn't been for these officers and dispatcher Knodes quick response a little girl wouldn't have her grandmother, a husband wouldn't have his wife, a son/daughter wouldn't have they're mother, a mother and father wouldn't have their daughter. They saved her life.

I always knew my husband was a hero and this is just one of the many calls that prove that. Everyday these officers go to work not knowing what will happen how they will effect someones life or if they themselves will return home. Every time they find a drunk driver they potentially saved a life not only the unknowing victim, but the driver them self. I am forever grateful to all of these officers and the dispatchers who react quickly yet calmly when someone is in need. They will always be heroes to me. I pray for their safety and that they will return home to their own families.

Sgt. Pauley and Ptl. Hunt received "life saving" awards and commendations, Ptl. Clos and Dispatcher Knode also received letters of commendations.

"You have brought honor to yourself, the department and the City of Orrville." (this quote was in the letter) Congratulations to you all you deserve it!!

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