Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Daddy and his babies

Here's to the best daddy in the world. I just wanted to post and give you a quick glimpse into a typical day in the Hunt household. It all starts at around 7:15am, Daddy gets up starts breakfast for Makenna and Chloe while Mommy catches a few more winks since she is still getting up in the middle of the night to nurse the babies. Daddy runs Chloe's bath if she didn't get it in the night before. Then he wakes Mommy so she can pick out the girls clothes and start the hair do's. In the meantime Daddy is either soothing Rae and Ri or ironing the big girls clothes. Then if baths/showers were required Daddy will pitch in and start blow drying Makenna or Chloe's hair. What a guy! Then he starts with the count down...i.e. it's 8:00, its 8:15 are we almost The girls get dressed Mommy does the finishing touches on their hair while Daddy checks the backpacks and warms up the van. At approx. 8:35-8:40am ten minutes after Daddy already wanted to leave the girls are out the door on their way to school. Daddy then comes home and Mommy gets ready for work and heads out. Should be 9:00am but usually more around 9:30. The babies usually get hungry when I'm in the biggest hurry. Daddy then is home with the twins alone until around 2:00pm. Mommy comes through the door just in time for Daddy to get showered and ready to go out and keep our town safe!! This is about what a great Daddy my girls have so no need to go into Mommy night. I just wanted to say how awesome my husband is and that I appreciate him SO much!!! Also, I think God saw how good you were with Kenna and Chloe he figured you were the perfect guy for 4 daughters. ;) I love you Joshua, you are everything I always wanted!!


Anonymous said...

HOW SWEET! You two are so adorable........


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Hummel Family said...

Awe, what a great hubby! Aren't they the BEST? No wonder God gave us multiples! He knew we were up for the challenge and also knew that our hubby's would be up for the challenge!!! This job isn't for everyone, ya know?

About the eyes:
Maylee's eyes are a greyish blue, Jakobi's are straight out blue and Caislyn has green eyes! All three of my kiddos have different colors of eyes. Crazy! Burke's are green and mine are blue, so I have a feeling that we will not have a brown-eyed child.

Have a good evening!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Rach... Mom wants to know can I print this out to frame and possibly hang on the wall... I think just to use as black-mail.. So, do you care? HA HA! J/K!

No, seriously though... Are you sure this is the same guy that I grew up with??


Alright, alright... Yeah, he's pretty cool... Wonder who he got that from??? It sure doesn't run in this family!!!