Thursday, February 22, 2007


Riley and Reagan got their RSV shots today, OUCH!! Poor little things. Only two more months of this and then they are done. The nurse comes to our house to administer them which is very nice. I was thinking how blessed we are they are doing so good and aside from the colds they haven't had any serious illnesses. We will continue to pray though flu season is not over. I think they recognized the nurse this time. They both started to get fussy when she arrived... :O(

Weight Updates:
Reagan 12lbs. 12oz.
Riley 12lbs. 1 oz.

(almost 5 1/2 months old)


Hummel Family said...

Does Nurse Evelyn come to your house? She comes to ours! and I think I remember her saying your name, because I remembering telling that you and I are friends.

We're lookign forward to RSV season to be over too. We'll just have to keep praying them through!

The Hunt's said...


Our nurses name is Karen. We asked her about you and the babies and she said you guys are really popular that a lot of people ask about you. I thought that was pretty awesome.