Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Just a little mention of the walking video. This doesn't show just how good they've got the walking thing down. They do it all the time especially when they are just playing or better yet getting into everything. They walk all of the time but can still be unsteady. I can tell every day they are gaining more and more balance. They will walk from one side of the living room to the other unless they fall and aren't close to something to climb up on and start over. Riley's newest trick is standing up on their little rocking chairs. We discourage this but again I think she takes our words as more of a lets just say ... suggestion. The Monkey costumes were perfect cuz they are definitely our little "Monkeys."

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rae Rae walking

TricK or TreaT

Ever seen a Monkey with a binki before??
How cute are my Monkeys!! Riley did very well getting her costume on. It' a good thing to because I wouldn't have made her wear it if it was still freaking her out. We have been trying to love on the "monkey" for about two weeks now, ever since we realized how terrified she was of it. It paid off!!
Is this Reagan or Riley?? Can you tell??

Just a crew out trick or treating on a beautiful fall day!!
Chloe and our new neighbor Shaun. I sold them a house across the street from us. How lucky are we to have such great neighbors!!

A snack for the road. Wouldn't you know that trick or treat would fall right at lunch time for the babies. I was really hoping the bottles would hold them over. They did really good and didn't mind holding off for a little bit.

Look at all of the cousins!! This is a small portion of them. It was so nice to take them trick or treating together. Another great picture for Grandma and Grandpa in Florida. The pretty little pirate is just a friend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Walking and Teething, Teething and Walking

This is what teething x's 2 looks like!!

Okay, there is no one step or two steps here or there. It's more like 8 steps or 10 steps everywhere. Rae and Ri are really taking to this whole walking thing. They do still crawl but they walk much more. It so cute. Riley actually tried to run today unsuccessfully but hey she tried!! I can't believe how fast they are growing up...hmmm, I recall saying that before but now they are grinning at me with 7 teeth each!! They both have 4 on top and 3 on bottom. We're starting to think they may be mirror twins. Only time will tell. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of them in action. They are starting to really play together. Chase seems to be their favorite game as of right now. They are also getting more and more mischievous. Today I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher and noticed they were being awful quite...to quite. I went to check on them they had the batteries out of the remote. Later I was putting laundry away they found a box of pictures and decided to let's just say rearrange them for me, how sweet. They are startin' to get real familiar with the word "NO" although they feel it's just a suggestion. No new words but lots of new babble. It's really cute when they get goin'. We've had some pretty fussy weeks here lately but today and yesterday makes me think we could be finally moving past this. It could have a lot to do with the fact they were each cutting 3 teeth at the same time. I just don't remember Makenna and Chloe being that fussy when they were teething but then again that was just one baby at a time not TWO. Rae and Ri are also getting pretty attached to their big sisters. Today Chloe told Reagan to come see her and she crawled right up to her and climbed on her lap. A little later Riley was on Chloe's lap letting her rock her now that's priceless!! Halloween is right around the corner and the monkey costumes are still the only present option we have for the babies so look for pictures come Sunday evening we have trick or treating this weekend.

Beat Woo!!

( This picture is a couple of years old but I love it!!)

Go Red, Beat Woo!! Tomorrow is the big game. Our schools biggest rival and we have home field advantage. Our town is in an uproar with school spirit. This is one of my favorite parts of living in a small community. I have absolutely grown to love raising my girls here. They have pride in their schools and it's so cute to see it at such a young age. Tomorrow we will be sporting our colors red, black and white!! I stop at the local sporting goods store and got each of the girls something special to wear tomorrow. Now we just have to win which I don't think will be a problem!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

So Much Fun!!

How cool is the spiderman pumpkin?!?

Allie Bari is such a little princess so how perfect her pumpkin was a carriage!

Pretty creative the picture frame pumpkin (won first place $50.~yay Dusti!)
The bat was very cute too.

The girls snacking...you should've seen the spread Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Dick put on!!

Rae Rae with her pumpkin

Reagan and Riley's twin pumpkins, everythings better in twos...well almost!

This was not an easy photo to get but thanks for trying Dusti.

Chloe was working hard!!

Kenna and her very first jack-o-lantern.

Well today was the pumpkin carving contest and as usual it was a blast. This was the first year Makenna carved her pumpkin all by herself...believe me she wanted NO help. She did such a good job and she won (along with a lot of others). Chloe picked a more difficult pumpkin that daddy had to help carve I don't even know that I could've carved that one. She did paint it and did a great job. She also won. The babies of course made identical twin pumpkins...so cute and they won as well...wasn't joking when I said a lot of others won. I think pretty much everyone won something. The big girls each won $20 for their masterpieces and Rae and Ri won a combined $20 since the twins could not be separated and entered as a single entry. After all the winnings we headed to the Mall of course! Our cousins Dusti and Allie came up Thursday evening and we have had so much fun hanging out with them...we are so sad that they are traveling back home tomorrow :0(. They went to the mall with us and Kenna, Chloe and Allie made Build-A-Bears. Of course my camera was in the car (I hate when I miss a good photo op!). We had so much fun these past couple of days I can't wait til they come back again. Or maybe we should go visit them!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Pumpkin Patch Pictures





20% off Baby!!

Riley loved the tea set!

Reagan liked just being out of the stroller.

They play together so well!! Makes Mama :0)

That's what a call a deal, especially at PBK (Pottery Barn Kids). Imagine my glee when 2 weeks ago I talked my honey into taking me to the Pottery Barn Kids store and as I was checking out and telling the cashier I would definitely be back she gave me a postcard for Friends and Family that entitled moi to 20% off my entire purchase can you say ... cha ching!! Pretty good timing for me since I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket and a list already made out! So, today being the first day the coupon was good I got the big girls ready for school and off then myself and the baby essentials together then woke the sleeping angels took breakfast to go and we were off. I stopped and pick my mom in law up and a shopping we went. How much fun did we have .... lots!!! One of the big things I wanted was catalog/internet only so since the coupon was only good for in-store purchases I had to make up the difference. That is until I place my catalog order. I LOVE Pottery Barn sooo much, I could go broke there...but for now I kept to my budget ;0) I managed to get a few pictures of Reagan and Riley playing in the kitchen so since I have no Monkey pictures I post these. OH and by the way for all of you counting there is only 66 days until Christmas!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To Be a Monkey or Not to be a Monkey...

That is the question! Since we bought the babies Monkey costumes for Halloween and Riley is scared to death of them. Reagan doesn't mind a bit. She looks so cute in it...Riley we imagine she would be adorable too but since she freaks out when you just ask her where's the Monkey is we haven't even attempted to try it on her. She looks just like Reagan so we have a pretty good idea how she'd look anyhow. So the question is to return or not to return?! How can I torment my cutie just because she'd look absolutely adorable as a monkey. I'm telling you since the first time Riley saw the "monkey" on Reagan she totally freaked out...I feel kind of bad but it was kinda funny. Now when we say Riley where's the monkey she will look all around and then make a not so happy squeal more like start of a cry. Too make matters worse I think the Monkey has open a new can of worms it seems as though little Ri Ri doesn't like any stuffed animal anymore. Same effect as the monkey. I'd post a pic but clearly do not have one.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

This week-end is the annual pumpkin carving contest at Aunt
Rhonda's house so in preparation for the big day we took a drive to the pumpkin patch last night to find thee perfect pumpkins. It takes a lot of thought and of course the perfect pumpkin, well... and a great imagination but it's all worth it. First place can win you $50. Not too shabby especially when your 6 or 9 years old. It's a lot of fun but I've never seen such a competitive pumpkin carving contest...hehehe. I've got a few ideas but I will not share~ you never know who's lurking... ;0) I know your out there! I will see if I have pictures from last year. You'll be amazed at some of the ideas these guys come up with. Have you ever seen a pumpkin that looked like a GIANT CHEESEBURGER...I have!! It's a lot of fun and the girls look forward to it every year. Here's my favorite pic from our perfect pumpkin hunt!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


It won't be long. Reagan and Riley have decided they are going to learn to walk even if they get a few bumps along the way. Lately, they will just let go and start walking. At first they would manage to get 2-3 steps before they fell but lately we're talking 10 or more. They don't mind falling they get up and do it all over again. They walk in their cribs, they walk from the coffee table to the couch, they walk from one of their toys to another and they walk from Mama to Dada or vise versa. My camera has been giving me problems lately so I don't have any footage of it yet. It is so cute. I will try to capture a good one soon. For now you'll have to take my word. What else is new in Reagan and Riley land?? Well they have been pretty fussy lately...not fun especially multiplied by two. I think it's their teeth. Reagan now has 5 teeth- three on bottom and two on top and Riley has 6 teeth- 4 on top and 2 on bottom. They are talking all of the time. I think it's their own special language...I love hearing them. Reagan says Uh-Oh all of the time. Riley pretty much just says "Mama and Dada." One thing they really need to work on is the sharing thing, not so good at this. It seems if they want something the other has they think they should just be able to take it, only the other doesn't agree. Hmmmm....how do you teach a one year old to share??? Sometimes the other one doesn't care but other times there is a lot of crying involved! Have I mentioned Riley is a little Bully? She doesn't mind pushing Reagan out of the way to get something she wants. We're also going to be working on this. :0)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Poor Little Rae Rae

Okay poor Reagan, its just not been her week. You all read about the Peanut Butter thing. Well, it looks like Reagan is probably allergic to bees. This evening as she was playing having a good ole' time she suddenly began to cry. That painful cry. It seemed kinda weird because she wasn't sitting around anything that could have really hurt her. Well she was sitting by her little rocking chair but it didn't seem as though it should have hurt that bad had she rocked it over her finger. She kept pulling at her hand crying so I got up to check it out and wouldn't you know it, there was a bee laying on the floor. Her thumb swelled 2X's it's normal size and was flaming red. Of course, I called Josh and we called the ER just because you hear such bad things about bee stings and they advised us to give her benidryl and keep an eye on her breathing. Which also meant delaying bedtime. She did okay and is now fast asleep. Poor thing!! I think I'm going to have to stock up on the benidryl for my little Rae.

I'm so sad to say...

Even though I was sitting at my computer a half a hour before the tickets went on sale with the site up and ready to go I was not able to get tickets for my girls. Josh was on the computer and I was on the phone but still nothing. We tried Pittsburgh and Cleveland for over an hour but no luck. We found out when we finally got through to ticket master they sold out in 2 minutes!! How in the world could that be?? I'm so sad my girls would've of love to see Hannah Montana but it's not the end of the world and I'm not paying $2000 on EBay for a ticket...I love my girls but I'm not CRAZY!!