Saturday, October 20, 2007

So Much Fun!!

How cool is the spiderman pumpkin?!?

Allie Bari is such a little princess so how perfect her pumpkin was a carriage!

Pretty creative the picture frame pumpkin (won first place $50.~yay Dusti!)
The bat was very cute too.

The girls should've seen the spread Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Dick put on!!

Rae Rae with her pumpkin

Reagan and Riley's twin pumpkins, everythings better in twos...well almost!

This was not an easy photo to get but thanks for trying Dusti.

Chloe was working hard!!

Kenna and her very first jack-o-lantern.

Well today was the pumpkin carving contest and as usual it was a blast. This was the first year Makenna carved her pumpkin all by herself...believe me she wanted NO help. She did such a good job and she won (along with a lot of others). Chloe picked a more difficult pumpkin that daddy had to help carve I don't even know that I could've carved that one. She did paint it and did a great job. She also won. The babies of course made identical twin cute and they won as well...wasn't joking when I said a lot of others won. I think pretty much everyone won something. The big girls each won $20 for their masterpieces and Rae and Ri won a combined $20 since the twins could not be separated and entered as a single entry. After all the winnings we headed to the Mall of course! Our cousins Dusti and Allie came up Thursday evening and we have had so much fun hanging out with them...we are so sad that they are traveling back home tomorrow :0(. They went to the mall with us and Kenna, Chloe and Allie made Build-A-Bears. Of course my camera was in the car (I hate when I miss a good photo op!). We had so much fun these past couple of days I can't wait til they come back again. Or maybe we should go visit them!!


Casey's trio said...

I love the pumpkins with the binkys...that theme would work perfectly in our house, but the pumpkins wouldn't keep the binkys for very long!

Candice Lovett said...

That looked like so much FUN!!! Those pumpkins were soooo cool looking. I would have never thought to make a carriage out of one, or a picture frame or a bat. I mean, that's totally awesome! What a neat event to go to every year. the twin pumpkins were very cute. you and your hubby look good in that group pic. your family is so beautiful!

Silvia said...

Hi Rachel!

Thanks so much for your comment the other day. It's always nice to hear from others that don't normally frequent your blog--I have made several "blog friends" this way.

Your family pictures are lovely!

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by!