Monday, October 29, 2007

TricK or TreaT

Ever seen a Monkey with a binki before??
How cute are my Monkeys!! Riley did very well getting her costume on. It' a good thing to because I wouldn't have made her wear it if it was still freaking her out. We have been trying to love on the "monkey" for about two weeks now, ever since we realized how terrified she was of it. It paid off!!
Is this Reagan or Riley?? Can you tell??

Just a crew out trick or treating on a beautiful fall day!!
Chloe and our new neighbor Shaun. I sold them a house across the street from us. How lucky are we to have such great neighbors!!

A snack for the road. Wouldn't you know that trick or treat would fall right at lunch time for the babies. I was really hoping the bottles would hold them over. They did really good and didn't mind holding off for a little bit.

Look at all of the cousins!! This is a small portion of them. It was so nice to take them trick or treating together. Another great picture for Grandma and Grandpa in Florida. The pretty little pirate is just a friend.

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Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

This is so great and the NUMBER ONE reason I'd like to move our family from California to Massachusetts. Our children have 23 first cousins that they don't even know.

What a beautiful family!