Saturday, April 28, 2007

Teddy Bear Picnic

Today we had a council event at Great Trail Camp, it was so much fun the girls made a picnic basket out of a paper bag (such a fun and easy craft), they sang songs, played games and also stuff their very own teddy bear and of course we had a picnic (kinda, you have to use your imagination we sat at tables :0) lunch. Our first year of girl scouts is almost over we only have two meetings and a mother daughter tea at Mrs. Molly's Tea Room and we will officially be Brownies. Great Job girls I have loved having each one of you in my troop!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007


The babies love their big sisters!!
They even reach their arms out for them to hold 'em.

Off to the Dr.

Riley has developed a pretty mean cough over the course of this week so today we decided it was time to call the Pediatrician. I am so glad we did - turns out both the babies have ear infections. Riley has an ear infection in her right ear and Reagan has one in her left fun. Actually, Reagan wasn't even scheduled to see the doctor but her eyes started getting really red so we asked the doc what she thought, then after she saw Riley's ears she wanted to check out Reagan. What a good Dr. we have!! Very thorough. So now we have three of our four children on antibiotics. Makenna has tonsillitis. Josh took her to see an ENT because she has had so many issues with her throat this winter. Turns out she may have to have her tonsils out and get this Chloe may too. Josh was telling the ENT about how Chloe snores and constantly has a runny nose he said children should not snore and wants us to get her in to see him. It seems Kenna has unusually large adenoids and he thinks Chloe probably does too. So they may both be having their tonsils and adenoids out this summer. Crazy thing is Josh and I both have our tonsils. Although, after Josh said that about the snoring I'm thinking maybe we can do a 3 for 2 deal and get him in too...hehehe. I'm always trying to fall asleep before him, it's not easy sleeping with a snorer (is that even a word? ;0) Can I get an amen!!

I think Riley was a little worried she was going to have to get a shot.

I think Reagan was thinking, "Hey, why am I on this table?!"

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby Girls

What a beautiful day we had today!! The weather was unbelievable. It was so nice to feel the sunshine. Makes me very anxious for vacation. We will soon be heading to Florida for 2 weeks. I cannot wait! Makenna and Chloe are very excited to see their Grandma Judy and Papa Booder. They love playing in the sand too. Grandma and Grandpa live 10 minutes from the ocean. We are counting down the days and can't wait to see you guys...we love you so much!!
Tinkerbell is getting excited too!! She loves vacation.

Father Daughter Dance

Chloe and Daddy had a special evening Saturday.
The Girl Scouts had a father daughter dance, they both really enjoyed getting
to spend time together just the two of them.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Can You Believe....

"Can you believe he did this to us Riley. What is on our heads? We could be in big trouble when we get older if he buys our clothes. Yea thank goodness we have a good mom." Okay I am just imagining what they are saying to each other but I bet it was pretty close based on their actions. I have never posted before on our site, and may get in trouble lol. Just took this picture today while I was watching them and thought I would post it, I am a bit bias but I thought they looked adorable in their outfits!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Horrible Tragedy


Could it be we are teething....?


I know I just posted about the things the babies were doing now at 7 months BUT in just a short week they are learning and doing so much more. First thing, you know that petrified look of terror that your baby in this case babies get when they realize you are leaving the room without them...doing that, not loving it. Really starting to reach for toys out of their reach so cute, do love that. Crying and reaching when they see us eating and not sharing with them even if it is sausage gravy and biscuits...I think I may start losing some weight now that I'll be sharing my food with two others. This may have all kicked off with the cracker at Jen's, not minding this. Sleeping til 7ish, oh so loving that!!! And of course getting around all over the place in reverse, not sure about this yet. I can just imagine walking out of the room for a sec to return only to find one baby and completely freaking out that I have somehow lost the other...of course only to discover she managed to back under the couch. I may have to pull them out and clean behind them a little more often... =-p They are also experimenting with the sippy cup, love it. Adorable. They know exactly what to do. They also love to talk talk talk. Hey they are my girls so I would expect no less. All of you who know me personally know how I love to talk ;0).

On The Move

Okay this didn't last long. They are REALLY getting around now. As soon as they learn to go forward lookout... ;0) We are really starting to stress to the big girls soon we will have little baby vacuum more little toys laying around. Rae was pretty excited she was having a good ole' time, Ri wasn't sure if maybe she went a little too far. Slow down babies your growing up way too fast!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Look What We Can Do

It's really becoming a reality for us that we will be having two babies getting around very soon. I can't believe my babies are growing so fast, they are getting so strong. Lately Reagan and Riley are really getting mobile. They look so tiny standing up like this. By the way they are barely being assisted. So hard to believe!

Friday, April 13, 2007


We did it!! We sold over 1300 boxes of cookies. Pretty good for our first year. So a trip to Build-A-Bear was a definite. We chose them, loved them, and stuffed them. We even recorded our voices individually saying our girl scout promise so that our bears would be that much more special. Here are some of our pictures...enjoy
A little dinner before...

Our Troop

Chloe and her Mommy

Photo Op

Time to take our bears home.

A little ice cream for the road...thanks Danielle.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy 7 months Babies!!

Me and Rae are 7 months old today. My Mommy and Daddy can hardly believe it. We are growing and learning so much. Even when Mommy and Daddy don't know it. We watch our big sisters all of the time. I can hardly wait til me and Rae can play with them! They love us so much and even though we can't say it yet we love them too. Wanna know what we can do now... We scoot, mostly backward but we can get around we just haven't figured out forward yet, we're still practicing. We love to talk and see how loud our voices are, and we always hold hands. It's so nice to see your best friend playing right beside you! We chew on everything cuz pretty soon we are going to get teeth...that's what Mommy says. We eat lots of different foods. Rae doesn't like green beans but I do. I really like bananas yummy. My Daddy sure can make me giggle he knows all of our giggle spots. He does it so much sometimes me and Rae need a nap afterwards. We are getting so big. We went to the doctor last week and I weighed 13 lbs and was 24 3/4 inches long, I think that is pretty big but Rae was still bigger than me. She weighed 14 lbs and was 25 inches long. Rae is in the 7th percentile and I'm in the 3rd. I wonder what that makes Maylee and Jakobi? Mommy said maybe one day we will get to play with them. They were born at the hospital that we stayed in for a while. I think it would be fun to play with them. Me and Rae are pretty good at sharing. Oh yeah my mommy said to tell you that I have changed my mind about sleeping through the night. I decided if Rae was going to eat then maybe I should too. One day Mommy one day. You should see my moms hair in the middle of the night...scary. But we love her anyway. I am ready for bed I have to make sure I rest up 3:30am will be here before you know it.

Easter Egg Hunt

Chloe was having a blast!!
I took this picture and it just hit me Makenna didn't have her coat buttoned, kids!!
(These pictures are foggy becuz they were taken through a storm door ;0)

On the third day Jesus rose...Happy Easter!!

Reagan and Riley, still not going to give Mommy that smile!

Josie and Chloe

Mommy Chloe and Riley

Chloe and Rae at church in E. Liverpool

Kenna and Chloe were so excited to get their baskets
(they just got out of bed..can you tell ;0)

The Easter Bunny knew just what to get Rae and Ri

Chloe and Kenna LOVED their baskets!!

We had a wonderful Easter. We traveled an hour and a half to church in East Liverpool. It was a long drive but so worth it. Josh's sisters husband is a pastor there, his message was very moving we really enjoyed it as always. After that we had lunch/dinner at their home. We ate and ate and ate some more. It was delicious. After dinner the kids had an Easter egg hunt...outside. It was absolutely freezing but they were so excited. I took pictures from inside lol. It was so nice to spend time with our family and to make memories for the kids.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hanging Out

Sean, Lauren, Makenna, Darian and Chlo

You chew and then it's my turn

Wet crackers anyone?

As I was snacking at Jen's today enjoying an afternoon with
my girlfriends Rae was eyeing mommy's food. So, I thought hmmm
what the heck she almost 7 months she could probably handle a
cracker. Oh yeah, Rae loved it. Wait til she gets older and can
try some of the cheese ball. Delicious!!! We had a great time, it went
way too fast. Next time I'll bring my scrapbooking stuff I need
to get back on that. ;0)

40 degrees is the difference a day makes...

It's so hard to believe Tuesday we were out
feeding the ducks, wearing shorts and enjoying our
77degree temperatures. And just two days later
the roads are icy and we have our winter coats
back on. Spring is playing tricks on us and
we're not liking it!! Warm weather please come back.