Friday, April 27, 2007

Off to the Dr.

Riley has developed a pretty mean cough over the course of this week so today we decided it was time to call the Pediatrician. I am so glad we did - turns out both the babies have ear infections. Riley has an ear infection in her right ear and Reagan has one in her left fun. Actually, Reagan wasn't even scheduled to see the doctor but her eyes started getting really red so we asked the doc what she thought, then after she saw Riley's ears she wanted to check out Reagan. What a good Dr. we have!! Very thorough. So now we have three of our four children on antibiotics. Makenna has tonsillitis. Josh took her to see an ENT because she has had so many issues with her throat this winter. Turns out she may have to have her tonsils out and get this Chloe may too. Josh was telling the ENT about how Chloe snores and constantly has a runny nose he said children should not snore and wants us to get her in to see him. It seems Kenna has unusually large adenoids and he thinks Chloe probably does too. So they may both be having their tonsils and adenoids out this summer. Crazy thing is Josh and I both have our tonsils. Although, after Josh said that about the snoring I'm thinking maybe we can do a 3 for 2 deal and get him in too...hehehe. I'm always trying to fall asleep before him, it's not easy sleeping with a snorer (is that even a word? ;0) Can I get an amen!!

I think Riley was a little worried she was going to have to get a shot.

I think Reagan was thinking, "Hey, why am I on this table?!"