Friday, October 31, 2008

tag...i'm it

I HAVE BEEN TAGGED by my awesome girlfriend Jen!
This is what you have to do.......
1. Go to your pictures
2. Upload the 4th picture of the 4th folder
3. Post it
4. Tag 4 of my friends
( Okay, I am just saying in advance.... SORRY!) but at least it's an easy one....right? right! :0)
Chloe is holding her cousin Jude in this picture. Jude is now 4 so that would probably make Chloe about 3 1/2 years old in this picture. Amazing how much the twins look like their big sister. She loved holding her baby cousin and giving him a bottle. I guess this shows how bad I need to clean out my picture files on my computer. ;0)

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN...........Tag~ your it!

how about everyone that reads this consider yourself's easy and it's fun. you may also realize it's time to do a little picture cleaning on your computer too.

P.S. i tagged several of you to another little somethin' down below. It's under the pumpkin bash post. It took me several days to do that one I just couldn't think of anything good. ;0)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat Balloon Game

this was a lot of fun and the kids absolutely loved it. so here is a fun little game for your next halloween party. depending on the number of kids or even adults decide on the amount of balloons you will need. could do several balloons for each person to allow for more than one round of the game. simply fill out little slips of paper and on some of them write "treat" and the rest write a trick. (ex. "sing the theme song to the munsters.") we even had "kiss your sibling" cuz we knew that was such a horrible thing to make kids do. blow the balloons up and insert a "trick" or "treat" in each balloon. choose one person to randomly pick a balloon and pop it...they either get a "treat" or have to do what the "trick" says. after they are finished they pick the next person or i guess you could sit in a circle and go around. be creative and have will be sure to please!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Best Pumpkin Bash EVER!

Saturday afternoon I took the girls to Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Dick's annual pumpkin bash! Seriously, one of the best parties ever. Aunt Rhonda is an amazing lady...she thinks of everything. Usually, it is at her house and is mostly focus on the big pumpkin carving contest. Let me tell you I've seen pumpkins made into things I'd never think of in my wildest dreams. I mean they're okay, ha ha =P (that's for all the family out there reading this that participate). This year it was an overnighter at a "campground." It was all planned out...1:30p.m. pumpkin carving, 3:00p.m. scavenger hunt, 3:30p.m. judging and winners announced 6:00p.m. food and I'm talking lots of food, 7:00p.m. games, 8:00p.m. tye dye t-shirt craft and pumpkin craft, 9:00p.m. campfire. The big girls stayed overnight in the cabins and I took the little ones home. It was so much fun, I know my big girls will remember this forever. Thanks Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Dick for the wonderful time...we love you!!! Jeri you were amazing too!

Chloe working hard on her pumpkin

Makenna not likin' the pumpkin guts so much.

the big kids built this tee pee...we may have some architects in the family one day

the twins loved running around outside

run rae run

chloe and the twins sitting around the campfire, i don't know why i didn't get a picture of the campfire.

my baby girls...Riley and Reagan

a pumpkin eater and a mummy (my pumpkin)

show offs! ;0)

chloe's pumpkin was an owl...cute right except i wanna know who rated it as a moderate in level of difficulty??? guess who had to carve it?!

Kenna's kitty pumpkin...she did it all by herself.

Rae and "Old Mom" aka josh's grandma. the girls all call her old mom even the babies. it's so cute to hear them say it. Ri gets a little afraid so she chose not to be in the picture.

my big girls...kenna doesn't usually wear make-up we just got back from her cheer competition. notice she's givin' chlo bunny ears...yup that's my big girls!

trick or treat balloon game. thanks jeri it was a hit!

Rae was getting sleepy and snuggly...I think Aunt Rhonda was too.

and last but not least our tye dyed pumpkin t-shirts!

Friday, October 24, 2008

400th post...WOW!

What better way to celebrate my 400th post, than with a little game. ;0)

So my wonderful her so much Janeen tagged me. Read the rules above and I'll try to make this a good as possible. I love things like this. Here goes nothing:

1. my parents have 7 children and I am the only one that is left handed. Both of my parents are right handed. I have an uncle that is left handed and my paternal grandfather was left handed.

2. i have extremely unique handwriting and get comments about it EVERYtime i write or sign something. if only i had a dollar for every time seriously i'd be rich!

3. i am a worrier. always have been. can't help it!

4. i have the best intentions. i always want to be the one to pick up the phone and call a friend i haven't talked to in awhile or send a card to someone who has lost a loved one, had a baby or a birthday. Unfortunately, I always drop the ball. matter of fact i have a congratulations card on my dining room table for our pastor and his wife who had a baby like a month ago. i so desire to do better!

5. i believe that God made my husband for me. no doubt in my mind that we were meant to be husband and wife. if you knew the story of how we met you would totally agree!

6. i love my girls and wouldn't trade any of them for a boy but i feel sad for my hubby that he does not have a son to carry on his name. he is the last!

7. i broke my left arm four times growing up all before jr. high...remember i'm left handed!

Okay so here is my 7:

1. candice

2. dusti

3. tara

4. casey

5. loren

6. sugar mommy

7. jenn

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

lets be friends

if you read my blog and you too are a facebook fan then add me...i would love it. oh i think you can click on my facebook link on the side and it will take you to my page.

**i promise posts are coming.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blame it on facebook

cuz that's where i've been. i love finding old friends and that is definitely the place to do it. although i do have a myspace i find facebook more grown up. if you don't have an account your missing out but be careful it's addictive.

*oh yeah, look for a new post very soon. we've had some fun things goin' on.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15th

thinking of all those who have lost a precious little one!

Monday, October 13, 2008

finally pictures!!!

here's my girl loving her new look!

back view...thick thick thick hair! she get that from me,
we have crazy thick hair in our family :0)

*side view*
really it's not uneven in the back...(notice long strands) it's just that kenna
had been playing with it so the part wasn't quite right.

so here you have it pictures finally
sorry for the delay blogger was giving me fits!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Locks of Love

Kenna has been asking to get her hair cut for quite some time. I am always somewhat hesitant because my girl loves to twirl her hair...she always has. From the time Kenna was a baby and had enough hair to hold, flip, twirl she has been all about it. I really wanted her to think about this instead of just rushing off and doing it. After all, if you know Kenna and you know how long her hair is it will take a loooong time to grow back. Thursday evening I had a hair apt and Kenna begged to come along. Well, she had gymnastics so she couldn't but she begged me to schedule her an apt to get her hair cut. She wanted it like mine. How sweet but how short! I mean especially compared to how much she has. I was okay with the thought, Josh not so much. He was afraid his baby would look too grown up. Alas today we did it. Kenna got her hair cut. Let just say at least 10" maybe more didn't measure it. It's adorable! She loves it!!! As we were walking in knowing that Kenna wanted a shorter "do" i was compelled to not waste a gift. We've thought about locks of love for a long time but this was such a short notice thing that we didn't have much time to research it...or to even check if our salon did that. When we got there and Kenna climbed into the chair I asked my awesome stylist if they participated in the program. She said YES, and that just made it all seem right! Daddy handled it so well especially after finding out his princess' hair would help another little princess out there somewhere. Kenna had so much hair we got 4 ponytails worth! I didn't take my camera because I was running behind and didn't want to be late but the stylist let me take a picture with her camera so when I get the pictures I'll post them. For now I will add pics of a before picture and after. **okay maybe i'll add pictures later since something is up with blogger**no spell check either so forgive me if i spelled something wrong...i love sp ck**

Monday, October 6, 2008

power outage = no posting

so we had a major power outage this weekend and when the power came back on everything was good EXCEPT for our computer monitor. Yes, so now we have to get a new one. Could be worse coulda been the whole computer!!!