Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Best Pumpkin Bash EVER!

Saturday afternoon I took the girls to Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Dick's annual pumpkin bash! Seriously, one of the best parties ever. Aunt Rhonda is an amazing lady...she thinks of everything. Usually, it is at her house and is mostly focus on the big pumpkin carving contest. Let me tell you I've seen pumpkins made into things I'd never think of in my wildest dreams. I mean they're okay, ha ha =P (that's for all the family out there reading this that participate). This year it was an overnighter at a "campground." It was all planned out...1:30p.m. pumpkin carving, 3:00p.m. scavenger hunt, 3:30p.m. judging and winners announced 6:00p.m. food and I'm talking lots of food, 7:00p.m. games, 8:00p.m. tye dye t-shirt craft and pumpkin craft, 9:00p.m. campfire. The big girls stayed overnight in the cabins and I took the little ones home. It was so much fun, I know my big girls will remember this forever. Thanks Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Dick for the wonderful time...we love you!!! Jeri you were amazing too!

Chloe working hard on her pumpkin

Makenna not likin' the pumpkin guts so much.

the big kids built this tee pee...we may have some architects in the family one day

the twins loved running around outside

run rae run

chloe and the twins sitting around the campfire, i don't know why i didn't get a picture of the campfire.

my baby girls...Riley and Reagan

a pumpkin eater and a mummy (my pumpkin)

show offs! ;0)

chloe's pumpkin was an owl...cute right except i wanna know who rated it as a moderate in level of difficulty??? guess who had to carve it?!

Kenna's kitty pumpkin...she did it all by herself.

Rae and "Old Mom" aka josh's grandma. the girls all call her old mom even the babies. it's so cute to hear them say it. Ri gets a little afraid so she chose not to be in the picture.

my big girls...kenna doesn't usually wear make-up we just got back from her cheer competition. notice she's givin' chlo bunny ears...yup that's my big girls!

trick or treat balloon game. thanks jeri it was a hit!

Rae was getting sleepy and snuggly...I think Aunt Rhonda was too.

and last but not least our tye dyed pumpkin t-shirts!


Anonymous said...

Wow, What fun! I absolutely love your pictures & creations! I wish my family had some cool event like this!!

Sugar Mommy said...

LOVED THE PUMPKINS and the tyedyed shirts!
Looks like lots of fun was had by all!

Sugar Mommy said...

LOVED THE PUMPKINS and the tyedyed shirts!
Looks like lots of fun was had by all!

Triplet Mama said...

WOW! It's been a year already! I remember about reading about the pumpkin bash last year! How talented you all are, amazing! My little girl has the same brown sweat suit as the twins, it's so precious looking on them!

new mom in law said...

FUN!! Tell me about the balloon game!

Casey's trio said...

Somehow I missed this post. All of your girls are such cutie pies!