Friday, October 31, 2008

tag...i'm it

I HAVE BEEN TAGGED by my awesome girlfriend Jen!
This is what you have to do.......
1. Go to your pictures
2. Upload the 4th picture of the 4th folder
3. Post it
4. Tag 4 of my friends
( Okay, I am just saying in advance.... SORRY!) but at least it's an easy one....right? right! :0)
Chloe is holding her cousin Jude in this picture. Jude is now 4 so that would probably make Chloe about 3 1/2 years old in this picture. Amazing how much the twins look like their big sister. She loved holding her baby cousin and giving him a bottle. I guess this shows how bad I need to clean out my picture files on my computer. ;0)

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN...........Tag~ your it!

how about everyone that reads this consider yourself's easy and it's fun. you may also realize it's time to do a little picture cleaning on your computer too.

P.S. i tagged several of you to another little somethin' down below. It's under the pumpkin bash post. It took me several days to do that one I just couldn't think of anything good. ;0)


Sugar Mommy said...

Yeah! I am so excited to do this! I just read the other tag! Thanks Girlfriend! Happy Halloween! Chloe is so sweet!

Sugar Mommy said...

No laughing...but I am not as experienced in the "blogworld"...I am getting do you link to the site by using the user name instead of the web address?

Sugar Mommy said...

Thanks for the help sweetie!

Grin and Barrett said...

Rach, I just loooovvveeee this picture of Chloe! What a sweetie! Oh, and thanks for tagging me with a hard one! It will take me forever and a day to do that! Looks like you and the girls had fun at the church. I see you saw a sweet little bee and cute little stinker while you were there. Chloe's costume was so pretty. Perfect for her! And Riley and Reagan were adorable in their cheerleader outfits. SQUEEZY!!!!!

Take care......


twin power mommy said...

She looks so precious in that pic!
What a sweetie.

My files are about the same. I'm interested to see what's in the fourth file on my computer...

twin power mommy said... i did my pic!

Check it out girl!

Rachel said...

Aw, she looks so cute!!

Kari said...

Ok Rachel, get off facebook and give us another post. I love your blog!!:)