Monday, October 13, 2008

finally pictures!!!

here's my girl loving her new look!

back view...thick thick thick hair! she get that from me,
we have crazy thick hair in our family :0)

*side view*
really it's not uneven in the back...(notice long strands) it's just that kenna
had been playing with it so the part wasn't quite right.

so here you have it pictures finally
sorry for the delay blogger was giving me fits!!


Grin and Barrett said...


TO CUTE! Makenna, you look just as beautiful as your mom.

Thank you for posting those Rachel, I was starting to get heart palpitations. hehehe


☆ Loren ☆ said...

It's about time! ;)! It is just precious!!! and can we say Rachel's Mini Me.... She looks JUST like her Momma!!!

Adam and Andrew said...


Sugar Mommy said...

SO cute! Love it!
Thanks for posting the pics!

Sugar Mommy said...

Hey there! Hope you don't mind me changing me is the same as yours. I LOVED IT THE FIRST TIME I SAW IT!!! I was fumbling around and found it! You are my idol!! hehe..

Triplet Mama said...

She looks like her mommy!!!! Beautiful!

new mom in law said...

Looks great! She looks so much older! New to your BLOG! I love it!

twin power mommy said...

It's awesome! It does, indeed make her look older.

I wish i had thick hair. My hair is falling out daily. At this rate, I think i'll be completely bald by the time i turn 31.

But back to Kenna's style. It's totally happenin' ;0)

Casey's trio said...

So pretty!