Monday, February 16, 2009

Americheer Nationals Valentine's Weekend

We had an awesome Valentine's Day weekend although it was not your typical Valentine's Day. Makenna had a cheer competition. So grandma Rita kept the twins and we were on our way. The competition was about a two hour drive from our house so since it was a two day competition we decided to get a hotel and make a fun little get away out of it. The girls did amazing. Saturday they had some mistakes but Sunday they more than redeemed themselves. Out of 9 teams in our level our girls took 2nd!!! We were so excited...they were flawless. In this picture the girls are in the middle of doing their back handsprings. I wish it was a better picture but you get the idea. It was a great weekend but we sure missed our little girls.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Where a Kid can be a Kid...
won't both be able to fit in there together much longer.

Riley playin' a game...i luv how she's standing on her tiptoes

Rae loved the horsey...Riley not so much

Notice Rae won't look at the camera...completely on purpose! no joke.

Riley smiling at the camera...this my dear friends is extremely rare.
(they prefer to hide from the camera)

Rae Rae checking out Chuck up close.

Can you tell they loved it. Kenna and Chloe were there too but they didn't hang out with Mom and Dad much. They did grace us with their presence for dinner. They had a great time too. Next time they can't run off without a couple of pics first.