Monday, February 2, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Where a Kid can be a Kid...
won't both be able to fit in there together much longer.

Riley playin' a game...i luv how she's standing on her tiptoes

Rae loved the horsey...Riley not so much

Notice Rae won't look at the camera...completely on purpose! no joke.

Riley smiling at the camera...this my dear friends is extremely rare.
(they prefer to hide from the camera)

Rae Rae checking out Chuck up close.

Can you tell they loved it. Kenna and Chloe were there too but they didn't hang out with Mom and Dad much. They did grace us with their presence for dinner. They had a great time too. Next time they can't run off without a couple of pics first.

1 comment:

twin power mommy said...

Oh man!!!! Rae and Ri are just way too cute.

I am also impressed your husband braved the CHuckECheese experience.
It's usually way too stressful for us, unless it's done during the day on a weekday!

I couldn't believe how tall Riley looked as she stood on her tip toes to play that game....she looks like she's had a growth spurt!

Your girls are just getting so big and they are all too precious!
Have a wonderful week!