Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Makenna my 1st born

Wow, what to say about my Kenna bear. She is such a sweet little girl...her heart is enormous. She absolutely loves her baby sisters (Reagan and Riley) and although she fights constantly with her other "baby" sister (Chloe) it is quite obvious how much she loves her. Makenna is my first born, she made me a mommy something I long to be so bad. Something at one time I thought I would never get to be. Maybe I have shared before I'm not sure but Josh and I tried to conceive for over 2 1/2 years. We were tested but all we got was you have unexplained infertility. Devastating to say the least. I always thought that when we were ready to have a family it would be a piece of cake. I have been blessed greatly. I have my girls all four of them...if I'd have only known then. With going through so much pain trying to conceive when I finally found out I was pregnant with Makenna we cried and cried we were so happy. I was a nervous wreck. I worried A LOT. Since I thought we would never have a baby of our own being pregnant almost felt like a dream. I even remember feeling like it wasn't really me when I was having her. I fell in love. Finally, a baby my baby and she was here. Makenna was 3 before Chloe was born. She was my little was me and her all evening while daddy worked 2nd shift. Where has the time gone??? She is 10 years old already. A little lady that I am so proud of. Makenna has went from being the oldest of 2 children to the oldest of 4. I worried how it would effect her and even though I know people meant well I use to hate when someone would comment to my big girls when I was pregnant with the twins how much they were going to have to help. To me it sounded like their new babies were going to be work for them. I use to reassure my girls that while I may need some help from them I would not make them "help" all of the time. Josh and I have stuck to this...they are our babies and our responsibilities not Makenna and Chloe's. Sure I ask for help now and again but I try very hard not to tell them to do something but more ask them if they could help. When we go to the mall or store they prefer to skate around on their heely's then to push a shopping cart, I get that and I give them that. Josh and I try very hard to give the "big girls" special time and show them how it can be a benefit to be the older siblings. I will leave it at that after all I wanted this post to be about Kenna. Jordan Makenna Hunt is an absolutely amazing little girl she is stylish and beautiful. I love her smile, her giggle, the way she still calls me mommy. Her favorite color is Purple (at the present time), she LOVES Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. She loves to play with her friends and have sleepovers. Watching the Disney Channel is one of her favorite past times...she is not real fond of school but gets involved. She has been on student council for the past two years. She has a great group of little girlfriends who have been friends since Kindergarten. She is involved in Girl Scouts and is presently a Jr. Girl Scout, she does competitive cheerleading and gymnastics. She is definitely my social butterfly. One of my favorite things about Kenna is her sincerity. If Makenna has a bad day and is on the crabby side she will apologize for acting that way. That's my girl and something I try to do so to see her do something like that makes me extremely proud. Oh, Kenna I wish I could keep you my little girl forever but I know you are growing up. I love you so much and no matter how old you get you will always be my little girl!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the informer...

rae can you give mommy a kiss?

My little Rae Rae is sooo sweet! She is talking like crazy and it is adorable. One of my favorite things she says is "yes"...not just because it's a nice break from hearing "no" constantly but because she pronounces it so clearly and it is soooo stinkin' cute. Rae's vocabulary has grown tremendously in the last month. She can say just about anything. Some of her favorite sayings are: where did he/she/they go? ~ i don't know~ i go outside~me up please~i want walk~i want play~i want snack (she doesn't always grasp that I can't magically make snacks appear when she decides she wants in the car for example)~i want drinkee~where my cupee go?~binki are you (when looking for her binki, meaning where are you)~i want out (she picked this up on vacation meaning she wanted out of her pack-n-play)~she also says "i wanna kiss" but not nearly as much as i'd like her too~and really the list can go on and on (she doesn't say that, that is me speaking...just makin' sure every one's following along ;0). The other thing Rae has become fluent at is tattling. I can't imagine where she gets this from (totally being sarcastic). I tell Kenna and Chloe all the time she gets these little habits from them. Anyhow, if Rae feels wronged in anyway shape or form she will so tell on the perpetrator. Uh-huh, she will and does believe me. All day long Rae will tell. It usually comes out something like this...mommy, Riley no me. Usually meaning Riley won't share. She also will tell on Chloe, Kenna, Tinkerbell, daddy you name it NOBODY is safe. She will even tell daddy if mommy says something or does something she doesn't like. Usually sounds a little something like this...daddy mommy no me. Sometimes there is some jabbering in there too but she makes her point. My little informer maybe one day it will pay off...look out Kenna and Chloe cuz Rae will most definitely tell. Riley is starting to catch on to this and has started tell as well. I'll post about my little Ri Ri small fry tomorrow.

Okay so really I thought it would be higher

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i can't help it...i love to blog and believe me i read LOTS of 'em!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Say what?

check it out who wouldn't want to win an ipod? i know i would. i can already picture myself running listening to my very own ipod with the songs i picked on it ;0) no offense honey ...thanks for letting me use yours! :0*

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Sunday, July 27, 2008


I thought in honor of the upcoming twins festival i would repost our pic video from last year. Can't wait to go...we are registering our girls this year.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

home sweet home

our vacation in a pictorial nutshell...

daddy and his girls

papa and his babies at the pool

hmmm...which one is which??? any guesses?

me and my guy

my kenna bear ~ josh took this picture from the balcony of our condo 6 floors up.
i love my new camera!

rae rae not missing out on her nap even if it is at the pool


our girls

the babies hanging out at broadway at the beach...we love that place!

it's true the vacation is over. it was amazing though. lots of time with family, lots of yummy food, lots of sunshine, lots of swimming, lots of laughter, lots of high fives, lots of aches, lots of driving, and lots lots more. one of my favorite things about summer is taking a family vacation. we feel very blessed that we are able to do this with our girls. to fill their childhoods with memories. this year we did more than most. we spent a week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and then it was off to Panama City Beach, Florida we made a pit stop in Georgetown, Kentucky and then travel home. In between there was lots of fun...we played on the beach, went swimming daily in grandma and grandpa's pool, rode race cars and played mini golf, played lots of fun video games at the arcade, went to King's Island amusement park, ate at some of thee coolest restaurants, and i ran my very first 5k. In some ways it seems as though we were on vacation forever and others in simply a blink of the eye it was over. Our favorite restaurant in Florida was Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville we actually ate there had such a great atmosphere. Our girls loved it! We also ate at a restaurant called Sharky's it was right on the beach. They had a playground for the kids and we attempted to get some more beach pictures of the girls. Kenna and Chloe were easy the babies however did NOT like the sand. I don't know if I've ever mentioned just how big of chickens they really are. They are afraid of just about everything and if a stranger comes on too strong they run crying the other way...not that, that is a bad thing. My goal was to get a beautiful picture of my girls strolling on the beach to have enlarge and put on a canvas. This is not the year that is going to happen. I digress maybe next year. I did get some good pictures just not one that is worthy of spending hundreds of dollars on. I ran my first 5k, words cannot describe how awesome an experience it was. Please do not get me wrong it was not easy, it was hot and i was extremely tired but it was worth every drop of sweat! I can't wait to do it again. Did i mention there is a 5k this coming weekend? Uh huh, and I'm really considering doing it. It's Saturday morning and we are planning on going to the twins festival in Twinsburg OH this weekend so I need to figure out if I have time to do both. I want to so I most likely's a burning desire in me. Kinda hard to explain but running is constantly on my mind. I want to just get out there and start accumulating the miles. My personal goal is to get up to 4 miles this week and add a mile every week after. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Above are a few pictures from vacation. We took about 1000 so it's definitely going to take time to go through all of them. I'm going to try to put together a slide show that's the easiest way to share. As much as I miss the beach already there is a part of me that is glad to be home. I missed my friends, family and neighbors.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

1 down, definitely more to come

wow, seriously i can't believe i did it. i knew i wanted too. i thought i could but it's work. of course it is. we were up and on the road at 6:30am. the race started at 7:30am which is a good thing considering it was already 79 degrees. i believe the race temperature was right around 88-90 degrees. some of the trail was in the shade so that was a welcome relief. i am really proud of myself and very eager to run my next race. i can't believe that i would ever be able to run three miles and actually consider it to be "not that far". what's next??? well, i'm gonna start training for a 10k because this time i know i can do it!

my bro took home a medal too. his time 25 mins 40 seconds (good job)

check it out i got a medal...very cool. (see the guy on the bench behind me with his hand on his shoulders, he finished in 17 minutes...CRAZY)

see my time...not the thirty mins i had hope for but for my first race i'll take it

ah yes, the finish line and just in time!

just the beginning. the guy pushing the double stroller behind me passed me pretty quickly :0)

me and my brother dave...he lives in Florida

Me and my cheerleaders before the race

Thursday, July 17, 2008

beautiful weather...

has come our way ... thank you Lord!

we have been having lots of fun perfect weather or not. life is good. last night we took the girls to the beach to try to get some pics, rae was not too happy about the sand as you can see in the pictures. we may give it another try. this is short but i'm really tired. oh, one more little bit of news...two days until my first 5k. i can't wait!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

the Sunshine state???

somebody forgot to check the memo we ordered sunshine. come on seriously does it have to rain for the full 2+ weeks we are on vacation??? okay, so it didn't rain EVERYDAY we were at Myrtle Beach but it was always in the forecast looming overhead...we did get rain but it wasn't a complete wash out. today is our first day in Florida and guess what???... thunderstorms!!! Uh-huh just when i thought we were gonna have a nice day at the brand new PIER Park i'm talking almost a million square feet of shopping every womans dream and every husbands nightmare. i have been waiting, anticipating and then just as we walk out of Margaritaville after enjoying the most amazing lunch here it comes. i'm thinking it followed us. you think??? well, i'm a pretty positive person so i've decided we are going to enjoy whatever sunshine we get for however long lounging at the pool. after all there is bound to be some right? right! still need to upload photos probably tonight. thanks for all your well wishes! oh yeah and get this the babies did so good on the drive here i could hardly believe it. if they have a major breakdown on the final trek (16 hour drive) home i so can not blame them. we are thinking about making a pit stop at cousin doug, dusti, allie and abby's house on the way home. now i better go call and make sure that's okay with them before they read this :0) it's a good halfway point.

6 days until

my first 5k! today i finally put on a pair of running shoes after an inflamed ankle and a broken has been two weeks since i ran. and here are the results:

3.11 miles in 33 min.
i will admit it was hard getting back into the swing. the first mile was a piece of cake the second not so much. BUT with the race 6 days away i knew i had to get back out there. the last mile really kicked my butt but i am proud to say i did not quit. the ankle seems to be completely healed and the toe well it hurts but i could get my shoe on with minimal pain and it really didn't bother me during my run. thank you Lord! i am planning on running tomorrow as well hopefully it will be a little easier...what i can dream ;0).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We made it!

We are in full vacation swing...the weather could be better but it could also be much worse!  Lots of clouds and a little rain and very little sunshine...but I still got a tiny burn today.  The girls are having a blast.  Makenna is loving the ocean and Chloe is loving the lazy river.  The twins aren't quite sure.  Riley cruised the pool in her car float while Rae opted to stay and watch from the side lines.  All in all we can't complain.  Reagan and Riley did extremely well with the car ride.  We left our house around 1:00am and Ri slept most of the 10 hour drive.  Rae slept about 5 hours and then decided she was up...very unlike her but to our surprise she was in a great mood.  Things started getting a little hairy the last hour or so but we stopped for a late breakfast and that made the last leg much more bearable.  Tinkerbell is at the kennel we will pick her up Saturday and then head for Florida.  Hopefully, the drive goes just as smooth...what?  it could happen.  Okay, so not likely but for now I'll continue to dream ;0).  Okay, time to tuck the babies in is way past their bed time I know but that's vacation for you.

I'll upload pics soon!  

Thursday, July 3, 2008

ya know what goes good with a bum ankle?

a broken toe! Ouch...that's right ladies and gentlemen I broke my baby toe. On the flip side since I haven't been able to put on a running shoe and run my ankle is feeling much better :0). we leave for vaca in 2 days and I have sooo much to do...imagine that. Packing for a family of six for several weeks is not an easy task. i'll try to update a little while i'm on vaca but it probably won't be until we hit florida. our first stop is myrtle beach...we love it there. pray for good weather and I'll see ya (you know what i mean) l8tr.