Saturday, July 19, 2008

1 down, definitely more to come

wow, seriously i can't believe i did it. i knew i wanted too. i thought i could but it's work. of course it is. we were up and on the road at 6:30am. the race started at 7:30am which is a good thing considering it was already 79 degrees. i believe the race temperature was right around 88-90 degrees. some of the trail was in the shade so that was a welcome relief. i am really proud of myself and very eager to run my next race. i can't believe that i would ever be able to run three miles and actually consider it to be "not that far". what's next??? well, i'm gonna start training for a 10k because this time i know i can do it!

my bro took home a medal too. his time 25 mins 40 seconds (good job)

check it out i got a medal...very cool. (see the guy on the bench behind me with his hand on his shoulders, he finished in 17 minutes...CRAZY)

see my time...not the thirty mins i had hope for but for my first race i'll take it

ah yes, the finish line and just in time!

just the beginning. the guy pushing the double stroller behind me passed me pretty quickly :0)

me and my brother dave...he lives in Florida

Me and my cheerleaders before the race


Grin & Barrett said...

Rach, I am soooo proud of you! Congrats on the medal and the wonderful time. I am so glad the weather held out for you.


The Ski's said...

You totally ROCK!!!!! Way to go! I am impressed beyond measure! Take care of safe...and hugs to those girls! Much love!

Jessica said...

Good Job!! Totally inspiring! Seriously, who looks that good running, you look HOT! Keep up the good work girl!

Triplet Mama said...

Way to go! You inspire me to get out there too! I'm thinking I'll be ready for my swim suit 2009 ;)

twin power mommy said...

YAY!!! good job!
You look so great. You have that runners look, so healthy, glowing, fit! NICE< NICE!!
Congrats, girl!

allie bari said...

good job! rach! great job!

Casey's trio said...

You are awesome Rachel! Congrats on finishing your first race:)