Saturday, July 26, 2008

home sweet home

our vacation in a pictorial nutshell...

daddy and his girls

papa and his babies at the pool

hmmm...which one is which??? any guesses?

me and my guy

my kenna bear ~ josh took this picture from the balcony of our condo 6 floors up.
i love my new camera!

rae rae not missing out on her nap even if it is at the pool


our girls

the babies hanging out at broadway at the beach...we love that place!

it's true the vacation is over. it was amazing though. lots of time with family, lots of yummy food, lots of sunshine, lots of swimming, lots of laughter, lots of high fives, lots of aches, lots of driving, and lots lots more. one of my favorite things about summer is taking a family vacation. we feel very blessed that we are able to do this with our girls. to fill their childhoods with memories. this year we did more than most. we spent a week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and then it was off to Panama City Beach, Florida we made a pit stop in Georgetown, Kentucky and then travel home. In between there was lots of fun...we played on the beach, went swimming daily in grandma and grandpa's pool, rode race cars and played mini golf, played lots of fun video games at the arcade, went to King's Island amusement park, ate at some of thee coolest restaurants, and i ran my very first 5k. In some ways it seems as though we were on vacation forever and others in simply a blink of the eye it was over. Our favorite restaurant in Florida was Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville we actually ate there had such a great atmosphere. Our girls loved it! We also ate at a restaurant called Sharky's it was right on the beach. They had a playground for the kids and we attempted to get some more beach pictures of the girls. Kenna and Chloe were easy the babies however did NOT like the sand. I don't know if I've ever mentioned just how big of chickens they really are. They are afraid of just about everything and if a stranger comes on too strong they run crying the other way...not that, that is a bad thing. My goal was to get a beautiful picture of my girls strolling on the beach to have enlarge and put on a canvas. This is not the year that is going to happen. I digress maybe next year. I did get some good pictures just not one that is worthy of spending hundreds of dollars on. I ran my first 5k, words cannot describe how awesome an experience it was. Please do not get me wrong it was not easy, it was hot and i was extremely tired but it was worth every drop of sweat! I can't wait to do it again. Did i mention there is a 5k this coming weekend? Uh huh, and I'm really considering doing it. It's Saturday morning and we are planning on going to the twins festival in Twinsburg OH this weekend so I need to figure out if I have time to do both. I want to so I most likely's a burning desire in me. Kinda hard to explain but running is constantly on my mind. I want to just get out there and start accumulating the miles. My personal goal is to get up to 4 miles this week and add a mile every week after. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Above are a few pictures from vacation. We took about 1000 so it's definitely going to take time to go through all of them. I'm going to try to put together a slide show that's the easiest way to share. As much as I miss the beach already there is a part of me that is glad to be home. I missed my friends, family and neighbors.


Grin & Barrett said...

Welcome home! I am so glad you had a great time on vacation. I can't wait to hear more about it!


The Ski's said...

The blog looks beautiful, and so glad you are back. The pics that you posted are wonderful!!! So glad you all had such a nice time! Amazing how time flies, isn't it??? Hope to see you soon. Great job on the are an amazing person in so many ways! Love to all, Rach!

twin power mommy said...

okay, before i read any more, i wanted to put my guess in on the twins pic.
Reagan on left and riley on right (if you're looking at the pic)

twin power mommy said...

LOVED all the pics. Can't wait to see more!
Your girls are all so beautiful..
I love vacation, the memories, the fun, the food...the lack of worry!

I am glad you fully enjoyed.
I think you're a bit crazy about running, though. I still run every week, but still HATE it.
It's just not in my blood!
Better you than me ;)