Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Makenna my 1st born

Wow, what to say about my Kenna bear. She is such a sweet little girl...her heart is enormous. She absolutely loves her baby sisters (Reagan and Riley) and although she fights constantly with her other "baby" sister (Chloe) it is quite obvious how much she loves her. Makenna is my first born, she made me a mommy something I long to be so bad. Something at one time I thought I would never get to be. Maybe I have shared before I'm not sure but Josh and I tried to conceive for over 2 1/2 years. We were tested but all we got was you have unexplained infertility. Devastating to say the least. I always thought that when we were ready to have a family it would be a piece of cake. I have been blessed greatly. I have my girls all four of them...if I'd have only known then. With going through so much pain trying to conceive when I finally found out I was pregnant with Makenna we cried and cried we were so happy. I was a nervous wreck. I worried A LOT. Since I thought we would never have a baby of our own being pregnant almost felt like a dream. I even remember feeling like it wasn't really me when I was having her. I fell in love. Finally, a baby my baby and she was here. Makenna was 3 before Chloe was born. She was my little was me and her all evening while daddy worked 2nd shift. Where has the time gone??? She is 10 years old already. A little lady that I am so proud of. Makenna has went from being the oldest of 2 children to the oldest of 4. I worried how it would effect her and even though I know people meant well I use to hate when someone would comment to my big girls when I was pregnant with the twins how much they were going to have to help. To me it sounded like their new babies were going to be work for them. I use to reassure my girls that while I may need some help from them I would not make them "help" all of the time. Josh and I have stuck to this...they are our babies and our responsibilities not Makenna and Chloe's. Sure I ask for help now and again but I try very hard not to tell them to do something but more ask them if they could help. When we go to the mall or store they prefer to skate around on their heely's then to push a shopping cart, I get that and I give them that. Josh and I try very hard to give the "big girls" special time and show them how it can be a benefit to be the older siblings. I will leave it at that after all I wanted this post to be about Kenna. Jordan Makenna Hunt is an absolutely amazing little girl she is stylish and beautiful. I love her smile, her giggle, the way she still calls me mommy. Her favorite color is Purple (at the present time), she LOVES Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. She loves to play with her friends and have sleepovers. Watching the Disney Channel is one of her favorite past times...she is not real fond of school but gets involved. She has been on student council for the past two years. She has a great group of little girlfriends who have been friends since Kindergarten. She is involved in Girl Scouts and is presently a Jr. Girl Scout, she does competitive cheerleading and gymnastics. She is definitely my social butterfly. One of my favorite things about Kenna is her sincerity. If Makenna has a bad day and is on the crabby side she will apologize for acting that way. That's my girl and something I try to do so to see her do something like that makes me extremely proud. Oh, Kenna I wish I could keep you my little girl forever but I know you are growing up. I love you so much and no matter how old you get you will always be my little girl!

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