Sunday, August 3, 2008


Twinsburg Twins Festival Aug. 1, 2, and 3, 2008

5k race #2

was awesome! I have 200+ photos from this years twins festival...crazy. I'm gonna try to get them uploaded and make a slide show to share with all of you. I'd love to meet some of my multiple mama friends in Twinsburg one day. This festival is for all multiples...twins, triplets, quads and more. It's a great time you've just got to experience it first hand. i also ran my second 5k this weekend, i didn't make my goal of under 30 minutes but I did improve my time from my first so I'm happy with that. I did it in 31.52 minutes...not too bad considering there were lots of hills we're talking Amish country folks! I'll post pics soon PROMISE!


Triplet Mama said...

Okay. 1st of all. You are the only person that I "know" that look hot, and I don't mean hot as in warm, running a race! How do you do it? ;)
I had no idea the Twins festival is for more than twins... I gotta look in to that, that would be so much fun, if it's really far from us we'd make it in to a vacation - I love road trips anyway, wouldn't that be so cool to meet out there next year! The kids will be 3, omg!
Also, I have to tell you my eyes teared up reading about Kenna. You're such a sweet mommy, I can tell. The four girls of yours are very lucky!
Gotta go, but will check back in soon!

The Ski's said... amaze me. Is there anything you can't do????? Wow. Wish I had your stamina and drive. Good for you...and glad you had fun at the twins festival!!!!

the girls said...

great job! just a few more and you'll be ready for disney 26.2 you can do it! good job! later! d

twin power mommy said...

How fun. I envied you last year when you went and was envious yet again.
I REALLY would love to go to that. It's just such a trip for us...
Someday (whether it's at the twin festival or some other meeting place) we'll have to "hook up".
Are you doing the Disney run? That's in my neck of da woods.
I would like to run that one someday (but am soooo not ready to do it; remember how i hate to run?!)

twin power mommy said...

SO are you doing the disney run?!
Tell me, tell me!
Like i said, that's in my neck of the woods! If you're coming this way, we'll for sure get together!

Rachel said...

sorry Candice...forgot to respond. looks like the disney "princess" half marathon is very likely for me and oh how i wish i could meet my awesome "blog" friend but we will be going to Disney World in Orlando's so much closer. I'd love to travel west someday maybe sooner than later ;0)