Friday, August 15, 2008

You're a beautiful soul

ah my chloe...our little lover. so full of hugs and kisses. she is such a sweet little girl the perfect big sister and little sister. chloe is a little mommy to her "twinnies" as she likes to call them. often times i can hear her lovingly disciplining them. i usually don't even say anything because it is so sweet and she never does it with anger. she will do anything for her babebers (another name she has given them). she'll get them sippy cups, get snacks for them, change their clothes, let them play with her favorite baby dolls/toys, she also loves to help get them out of the tub and ready for bed. they love her so much. the last few nights after i've put the babies to bed rae has cried "i go nite-nite with chloeee", or when i walk in the room and she is screaming she'll say "mommy where chloeee?" it's so cute. chloe also adores kenna, so much so that she drives her crazy. when kenna has a sleepover at a friends house chloe misses her so much. chloe loves her special time or cuddle time as she likes to call it with mommy and daddy especially her daddy. it seems as though my little chlo has grown up so quickly. she went from my baby to my sweet little girl (although always mama's baby) to a SECOND grader! chlo-chlo, peanut, pipsqueak, toe head...just a few of your nicknames. please continue to grow and love with all your heart the way you are truly an amazing little girl! chloe is a little smartie too...she learned to tie her shoes at barely 3 years old...she was a flier in a competitive cheerleading team at the ripe age of 5 and just starting kindergarten. chloe loves to read and is very good at it...she is currently a brownie girl scout with the best leader there is...okay it's me ;0), she is in gymnastics and is working on perfecting her back handspring, she loves the Lord and is such a polite little girl. the Lord has blessed our family by giving us chloe mariah, our very own angel!!


twin power mommy said...

What sweet stuff you had to say about your Chloe.
She sounds like such a love.

You are super blessed with 4 beautiful, precious girls!

The Ski's said...

Chloe- your Mommy is are quite the little angel, and Ellie loves you so much! I can't believe how big you have gotten, and you are a beautiful little girl. We love you so much!

Come visit us soon, and good luck this week with first grade! Wow!