Friday, August 22, 2008

that's a wrap

the first week of school, over already. I can hardly believe summer break has come to an end. I feel like this summer has gone by in the blink of an eye. I love love love fall but I'm just not ready yet! The girls have loved their first week of school and all of the new things. Chloe loves her teacher and I think I'm gonna too. She is very sweet. I think Chloe is gonna have a great year. Makenna loves her teacher(s) and especially is lovin' all of the perks of a being a 5th grader! Her school was just completed last winter so it's brand new and might I say very nice. We're talking plasma tv's in the lunch room nice. Smart boards in the classrooms and her personal favorite her very own locker!!! So to honor this special event in my little missy's life we blinged it out. We found the cutest locker decorations... jewels, mirrors you name it! So we made it through the first week we'll see how they feel once the homework starts kicking in. I still can't believe how quick my "babies" are growing up.

Kenna's second day of school, things were so crazy around here we didn't have a chance to get the first day of school picture. :0(

Kenna walking into school with her friends and our neighbors. I told Josh to get a picture of my girl in front of her school. I guess when you're in 5th grade that's probably not so cool. So this is what I got but I'll take it.

Here's my little Chlo-Chlo she starts an hour + later than Kenna so we did get her first day of school picture. I can't believe my baby is in SECOND grade!!!


twin power mommy said...

They are so cute. Their first day outfits were nice.

I like that you take a pic in front of the door every year. You need to post last year's and this years side by side so we can compare how much bigger the girls are this year.

How are you liking being with the twins without the older girls around?

latree said...

wow. it's cool how you document every special moment. I forgot some.

Kids grow so fast, don't they?