Saturday, August 9, 2008

shampoo, rinse, repeat

Rae decided since she is the "big" sister she was going to give Riley a bath today. Surprisingly, Riley let her. I love it when they show their love for each other, it's so sweet. Notice Rae has an outie belly button. So does Riley. It's funny to me that they are so similar. They also both have a crooked tooth on the bottom...same exact place except opposite sides. I think they are mirror twins because their hair patterns are reversed, even though I always part their hair the same direction. If they write with opposite hands then we will know for sure...right now it's too soon to tell. Anyone out there with mirror twins?...supposedly it is very rare.


latree said...

I sometimes thinks so of my twin...
thanks for you visit, and the greeting for my daughter.

twin power mommy said...

i love when the girls show that affection towards each other. twins are so special when they're identical.
They have such a bond that no one will ever understand. my girls tell me that even when they're married, they want to live right next door from each other. i love it.
your twins very well could be mirror twins. how cool!