Thursday, August 21, 2008

riley small fry-ly

Little Riley...officially the baby of our family by 6 minutes. Riley is our little spit fire! She may be little but she is mighty. Riley is a fighter...if she wants it, look out cuz she thinks it's okay to take it. Riley knows right where time out is in our house. Actually, she really doesn't mind time out. It's almost as if it was worth it. Don't get me wrong she's a lover too. At times Riley is more willing to give hugs and kisses then Rae. Riley will say/sign sorry too. Rae prefers to just give a kiss and move on. That's the rule in our house once they get out of time out. They must say their sorry and give their sister a kiss. Lately the twins have been getting a long much better. It's so nice. I can't remember the last time I saw teeth marks on one of them. OH wait yes I can it was yesterday...OOPS. It's definitely getting better though. Reagan and Riley play together all day while their big sisters are outside playing or at school. We love to sit and watch them interact. They absolutely crack each other up. They feed each other, and rub each others back, adorable. Riley loves to do mama's hair. Usually, once I have finish doing her hair she will grab the comb and fix mine up all nice and pretty for me. It usually hurts, we need to work on that ;0). Riley is talking extremely well and just like Rae will tattle tell in a heartbeat. Riley is so sweet, she loves to cuddle, she loves baby dolls and blankies. She loves to walk around carrying a play purse or diaper bag and a bottle for her baby. Ri will also walk around saying..."mama, shhhh (while holding her finger to her mouth) baby sleeping. She says it over and over and over again and seriously I'm not even talking when she tells me shhhhh. She also says it if tinkerbell our dog is sleeping. Of course, she doesn't say it in a quite voice. Something else Riley likes to do is while we are in the van going somewhere she likes to call our names...mommy/daddy and then she says boo-boo while she points at her knee. She will call me until I turn around to look and then she points at the place there once was a boo-boo. This can go on and on until my neck hurts from turning to see what she wants. Riley loves her big sisters so much. She asks about them all of the time as well as daddy. (Riley) "Mommy, where daddy go?" (Me) "Daddy's at ...." (Riley) "Oooooooo". Riley is pretty tiny. When we are out in public I get asked all of the time how I tell them apart. Riley is definitely more petite. She is hoovering around 21 pounds and she'll be 2 in less than a month (which is CRAZY). We call her small fry. Ri has the cutest little smile but it can be devious. She sometimes flashes it after doing something she's not suppose to do...turkey! Riley uses her sign language daily, this i love. It is so cute. Her favorite foods are grapes, bananas, oatmeal, gold fish crackers, mac and cheese, cheese sticks (Colby), and pretty much anything mommy and daddy are eating. Her favorite sign is candy! Go figure. They hardly ever have candy but she knows what it is and will beg for it. Our neighbors name is Andy and Rae and Ri always call him Candy and they sign it while they say it, so funny. Josh and I never imagined in a million years we would have four children two of which would be twins and although we are exhausted we wouldn't change it for anything! Our babies may have been a huge surprise but we feel extremely blessed. I wish I could keep them small. I love all of their new stages I just wish I could slow them down! I'm going to try to post a video soon so you can hear their sweet little voices.


The Ski's said...

So, it makes my DAY when I get the twins in the nursery at church. I LOVE their voices...and my favorite saying..."Where'd it go?"
"I no no???" LOVE THAT! Hugs to all the girls. And, seriously...21pounds???? Reid is weighing in close to 25...and he is 9 months! Reid would eat Riley for breakfast! Love to you all!

Hummel Family said...

Oh that sweet Riley! I feel like i know all of your girls....your dedicated post to each girl is so neat. A gift to them as they get older. Wouldn't it be fun to turn our blogs into books? I hear you can do that. I am going to look into it. I do not journal as much as I want, so the blog kind of replaces that.

I'd love to see Jakobi and Riley together...they both weigh the same! :) One of these days we will get together!!!! ;)