Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reagan's 1st Cereal Bar

Getting Ready for Bedtime

Our trip to the ZOO

A wonderful Memorial Day

We had such a great Memorial Day. Josh was in the Memorial Day parade which how lucky are we passes right in front of our house. Then we took the girls to the Zoo the weather was absolutely beautiful. The babies did great especially because they had to take their afternoon nap in the stroller rather than their beds (they love their beds and their naps). So, instead of their usual 2 1/2-3 hour nap it was more somewhere around 45 mins. You'd expect fussy babies but they did so good, thanks girls!! Josh's brother and sister and their families came too. It was a great time making family memories. Josh's grandma is almost 90 years old and she came along as well. She loved it and so did we. Then we (everyone) went back to my mother-in-laws house and had pizza and chicken...it was so good. I love being able to spend holidays with family and I love for my girls to get to spend time with their cousins.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kenna's Blog

Makenna has been asking me to help her start her own blog.I thought it would be pretty cute to see her try to journal. I will be helping her as she gives it a try. It should really be cute to see her posts, and what exactly she wants to post about. I will always be with her giving her a helping hand doing the mom thing. She doesn't know how to sign in, at this point she really doesn't need to- that's what I'm here for :0) My baby is growing up, here is her link:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crawling and Talking!?!

Oh my goodness, I wish I could slow them down but it is so much fun watching them grow and learn. Reagan and Riley are SO close to crawling they are constantly on their hands and knees rocking back and forth they have even moved their knees forward just not while moving their hands. I can't believe how fast they are growing up, how overnight it seems like they learn something new. Today Riley said Da-Da over and over. She's got it down, and it is so sweet!! They are such sweet babies. They absolutely love Tinkerbell!! If they see her they start laughing out loud it is so cute. I just couldn't wait til they turn 9 months to give this update. Oh what will they be doing by then????

No More Camera

Well I am extremely sad to say my beloved camera had a fatal accident and
will no longer be with me EVERYWHERE I go... I am so sad. I will miss it so much but
I must move on and get another. I am having serious withdrawal. Every time
any of my girls do something cute I go to reach for it and then I remember. :0(
Hopefully tomorrow Josh and I can go camera shopping and find a great deal as
buying a new camera wasn't really in the budget. We are planning to take the girls to
the Zoo Monday and I just have to be able to capture it on film. Did I mention
how sad I am??? Surely we will find a great Memorial Day sale!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rodney Atkins - Watching You

My girls absolutely love this, so in honor of them...enjoy!! Listen to the words this is an awesome song. My honey has 2 little girls that are his buckeroo's :0)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Makenna and Chloe are almost done...

Shrek the Third

Okay, we absolutely love Shrek. It's such a cute movie
and so funny!!So of course we had to take the girls
to see the newest Shrek movie.Makenna loved it, Chloe actually
had a hard time getting into it(she said she was bored) although
Chloe is a chronic movie napper. After she is done with her
popcorn and candy she's ready for a nice little nap...lol.
Reagan just stared at the screen ( I think she really liked it too!!),
Riley wanted to play but was very good. Both of the babies did
quitea bit of talking during the movie...oops. It was cute and
hey it's better than crying.I didn't think it was as good
as the other two but I did think it was cute that they had
triplets coming from a mommy of multiples. Oh and
Josh thought it was pretty funny!! So there is our family review.
Two thumbs up!!

Me and my girls

After dinner the girls and I decided to go on a little
walk, Daddy was at work. It was such a nice night it wasn't too hot
and it definitely wasn't cold. The past couple of nights it really got
cold once the sun went down but not tonight it was
perfect!! Chloe wanted to ride her bike and Makenna wanted
to walk Tinkerbell. Bell did pretty good but Kenna did have to
carry her here and there. Reagan enjoyed the ride so much she
feel asleep. Reagan and Riley both were talkin' most of the time. I
think they really enjoyed getting out. Riley is so funny, she smiles
everytime she sees me get the camera...so cute. She definitely
knows whats coming.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to My Beautiful Wife!

It's hard to believe sometimes in life how fast time goes. Almost 14 years ago I met Rachel, I was working at a Pizza Shop next to a Gas Station where she was working, and I remember all the guys I worked with talking about the beautiful clerk next door. Well of course I had to go see who they were talking about. Little did I know they were talking about my future wife of now 13 years, and the mother of my four daughters. I know many of them still talk about her that way! I know for a fact that God creates certain people for each other, and how eventually your paths meet, when the time is just right. I know that 34 years ago God created Rachel for me. I may not have been born yet, but God had a plan. I think that many people go through life never feeling that they have been blessed, but I know that I have been truly blessed, not once, not twice but five times, first with Rachel then each of my little girls. Even in times of struggle I know that I always have at least one person on my side, there to tell me the truth, and to stand beside me. Let me tell you, I am proud to stand beside her! I LOVE YOU BABY! Happy Birthday, and I look forward to the rest of our wonderful lives together.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby Dedication

Reagan and Riley were dedicated to the Lord!!
May 13, 2007

Look at our Bows

Mommy made these pretty bows for her baby girls!!

We don't mind them at all, sometimes we do catch a glimpse of our sisters and try and grab it right off of her head.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good News, Bad News

The good news is Josh found my camera....

The bad news is it's at my mother-in-laws house who happens to
live about 40 minutes away :0(

Funny -

How funny is this!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where are you camera?

I am trying to remain calm. I haven't seen my camera since Sunday evening and I have pictures of the babies dedication on there that I wanted to post. I know it has to be around somewhere. That's what happens I guess when you take it everywhere you go. I am working ;0) now and will put together a search team when I get home. I didn't look for it to much last night I was pretty busy but I am determined to find it TODAY.

On a lighter note...we had a wonderful Mother's Day. Last year I had two children on Mother's Day this year four!! I wouldn't have it any other way. They are my angels, all of them. I love my girls so much. Pastor John's sermon was awesome and really hit home. He spoke of how mother's compare themselves. Meaning you wish maybe you were as good a mom as someone else. He spoke how God chose us to be the mother's of the children we have. Just as he chose Mary to be Jesus' mother. I feel so blessed God chose me to be the mother of 4 girls. I think back to when I was a little girl and how when I thought about being married and having children I always wished I would have a little girl. I didn't really want boys I had four brothers!! I kinda had my fill with them. Don't get me wrong I love my brothers but I wish I would've had a sister closer to my age. Anyhow, I never would have thought I would have been blessed so greatly. I always thought it would be neat to have twins but never dreamed I would. I remember when Makenna was the only child we had. She was everything I ever hoped for. It is so different having only one child. When we found out we were having another girl I was so excited!! Our little Chlo Chlo. Makenna would have a sister. She would know what it was like to have a sister close to her age. They would love each other and hopefully be best friends one day. Then our third pregnancy...a total shock to say the least. Maybe this would be our son. Josh always wanted to have son. Not that he doesn't cherish our girls. I was convinced that this was God's way of giving us our boy/s. Who would've ever thought that it would be twins. Not me...not Josh. It was so exciting after all not everyone gets to have twins. I remember thinking I always wanted twin girls but I'm sure these are boys. We had names Gabriel and Noah. Both boys would have Michael as their middle names after Josh. But as they did the ultrasound at 20 weeks and the ultrasound tech said it looks like baby A is a girl I thought hmmm...one of each still convinced this was our way of having a boy, and then....I'd bet baby B is a girl as well. Two more. Wow!! Crazy, not only were we having one child it was twins. Not only were we having twins they were girls!! The twins were not planned. We weren't even planning on having more children. After all it took us over two years to conceive Makenna and we were told we were considered to have fertility problems. Chloe didn't come easy either. It took us a year and a half and a surgery to get her. I guess for all of our hard work God rewarded us with a two for one!! I am so glad that our LAST (i mean that in every way) pregnancy was Reagan AND Riley. Chloe is five and a half years older than them. Makenna is eight and a half. They will always have a playmate and they love each other so!!

To all of my girlfriends out there... I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to our wonderful Mother's
Judith Wallace & Rita Brion!!
Two of the greatest women we know.
We love you so much and are thinking of you today,
Josh & Rachel

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Standing long jump

Good Job Kenna Bear, 4 foot 8 inches!!

1st Place Baby!!

They did it!! Tori, Sarah, Caroline and
Makenna took first place in the
Smith Dairy Track meet. It was huge
and they all did a great job!! All of the girls
also placed in their individual events.
Makenna also placed in the standing
long jump. Next up...3rd/4th grade talent
show. Good Luck girls!! We are so
proud of all of you.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our Girls

8months old ALREADY...

Our babies how can it be??? How can they be 8 months already??? Where has the time gone??? I don't think you can ever imagine how much love you will have for your children until you become a mother. How your goals and priorities change. My life is so full. To have been blessed with four healthy children what more could I ever ask for. Thank you Lord for you know better than me. Reagan and Riley were far from being planned. Our big girls were growing up and we thought we were done. We felt so blessed!! Chloe would be starting school in the fall I could work more with my real estate, but God knew better. It was always his plan. We are forever grateful for that!!
And now for the baby update...
Reagan and Riley seem to be learning more and more everyday. It seems as soon as I post where they are at they show me something new. We enjoy them so much. They are such happy babies. You should see the look on their little faces when they see Makenna and Chloe. They love their sisters so much and Kenna and Chlo sure do love them. So let see... they are still practicing getting on their knees they haven't yet made any crawling motions, they are able to keep themselves occupied for longer periods, they love to play on the floor together with their toys (which all go into their mouths). Tinkerbell has lately become their new favorite attraction. She loves them too. She lays wherever they are at. Josh said he even saw her trying to get in the bouncy seat with Riley today. She likes to lick the lids of their baby food jars. Speaking of baby food Rae hates just about anything other than fruit, rice/oatmeal cereal, and sweet potatoes. She will eat peas but if it is a combo meal veggies and meat forget it. She actually cries she hates it so bad. I still give it a try every now and then. Reagan is going to love going to table food. Depending on what I'm eating sometimes I give her a bite. Maybe that was my mistake. Riley loves her food, all of it. She doesn't seem to be picky at all. She eats 2 jars at a time usually, little piggy. Still so tiny though!! They are sleeping through the night and have been for about 6 weeks or so-I think. I get them already, cuddle them for a few minutes and lay them down awake and they fall asleep on their own. It's really nice. No words yet, although Josh says once Reagan said Da-Da. We'll have to take his word cuz we haven't heard it yet. I continually practice Ma-Ma with them...hehe ;0) Also no teeth yet. I keep expecting to see something the way they drool and like to chew but nope, nothing. Kenna got her first tooth at 7 months and Chloe got her first at 9 so who know maybe by their 9 month post I may have a picture of a little pearly white or two.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our little photographer...

Natalia hanging upside down, she also took some pictures.

Daddy mowing!!

Tinkerbell wasn't sure about this.

Here are some of the pictures Makenna and our neighbor Natalia took when I gave them my camera and told them to have fun. They sure did get creative. This is just a few I think they took around 30-40 pictures. They had a blast.

Splish Splash Ri and Rae are takin' a bath

Reagan and Riley have moved up to their ducky tub!! They loved it, thanks Janeen. It sure did make for some cute pictures.

How Cute!!

I went to check to see if Riley was done with her bottle and this is what I saw!! My little angel just couldn't keep her baby blues open. She is such a sweet baby girl just like her twin!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

SHH! Don't Tell Mommy!

Okay don't tell Mommy, but today Daddy took us outside while she was at work and let us play in the grass. He even let us sit on it, and lay on it! We really liked it. Mommy is kinda fussy about us getting dirty or having grass on us, we are girls you know! But it was alot of fun. Daddy made sure we didn't eat any though, but it looked tasty.

busy, busy, busy

Last week was crazy, things have really been picking up with work. This is a good thing but I feel like I have to write everything down or I'm gonna lose my mind. There's so much to do. Schedule home inspections, schedule appraisals, check on home inspections, check on appraisals, make sure the title company has everything they need, make sure all the faxes are being sent out with rapairs, countless phone calls etc. etc. etc. The big girls have been busy too, Chloe had a sleepover with a friend this weekend, Kenna and 3 of her friends are competing in the Smith Dairy track meet so Josh took them to the high school track to practice, then we took them for ice cream, then they had to go practice at Heather's Studio for the talent show that they are doing at school. Heather was putting some music together for them. Thanks Heather your the best!! It is so cute watching them. I can't believe how fast Makenna is growing up she doesn't seem like a little girl anymore. She's a big girl!! Reagan and Riley also seem to think they are big girls too. Ready for this...they are getting up on their hands and knees and rocking back and forth. No more scooting backwards... nope they go forward and turn themselves in any direction they want to go. Yesterday we took Josh out to dinner for his birthday and tried to find the babies outfits for their Dedication this Sunday at church. Our church does the baby dedications once a year on Mother's Day I love it, makes Mother's Day that much more special. I'm sad to say that my batteries where dead in my camera so I don't have any pictures to post with this :0(.

I did let Makenna run around with my camera on Saturday (probably why my batteries are dead) and let her take pictures of anything she wanted. I will post these later, I was surprised at how well she did.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Look who can sit up....

Reagan and Riley can!! They are getting so big, I can hardly believe it...I know I say that all the time BUT I can't! They can't do it too long but they can both sit up with out falling immediately over. Daddy was laying behind them making sure no one got hurt. Good Job Babies...you can slow down now :0).


Happy Birthday Honey!! Today you are 32 and the best father I know. You love your girls so much and they love you like no other. You are our hero!! We miss you when you are at work and can't wait for you to get home. You are such a wonderful daddy, not to many people know that you can do hair and not just ponytails you can braid and do messy buns, you paint finger nails and toe nails, you sing silly songs, and you make our girls laugh. They love you so much and so do I!! Happy Birthday.