Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shrek the Third

Okay, we absolutely love Shrek. It's such a cute movie
and so funny!!So of course we had to take the girls
to see the newest Shrek movie.Makenna loved it, Chloe actually
had a hard time getting into it(she said she was bored) although
Chloe is a chronic movie napper. After she is done with her
popcorn and candy she's ready for a nice little nap...lol.
Reagan just stared at the screen ( I think she really liked it too!!),
Riley wanted to play but was very good. Both of the babies did
quitea bit of talking during the movie...oops. It was cute and
hey it's better than crying.I didn't think it was as good
as the other two but I did think it was cute that they had
triplets coming from a mommy of multiples. Oh and
Josh thought it was pretty funny!! So there is our family review.
Two thumbs up!!

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