Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Me and my girls

After dinner the girls and I decided to go on a little
walk, Daddy was at work. It was such a nice night it wasn't too hot
and it definitely wasn't cold. The past couple of nights it really got
cold once the sun went down but not tonight it was
perfect!! Chloe wanted to ride her bike and Makenna wanted
to walk Tinkerbell. Bell did pretty good but Kenna did have to
carry her here and there. Reagan enjoyed the ride so much she
feel asleep. Reagan and Riley both were talkin' most of the time. I
think they really enjoyed getting out. Riley is so funny, she smiles
everytime she sees me get the camera...so cute. She definitely
knows whats coming.

1 comment:

Candice Lovett said...

how sweet. love that picture of all four of the girls. that look that chloe is making is classic! your neighborhood looks so perfect for those evenning walks. ours is a nice neighborhood, but no sidewalks. the place in san diego we are moving to has those kinds of sidewalks with the grass between the street. we really liked how it looked and could see ourselves riding bikes or walking in the evennings!