Sunday, July 13, 2008

the Sunshine state???

somebody forgot to check the memo we ordered sunshine. come on seriously does it have to rain for the full 2+ weeks we are on vacation??? okay, so it didn't rain EVERYDAY we were at Myrtle Beach but it was always in the forecast looming overhead...we did get rain but it wasn't a complete wash out. today is our first day in Florida and guess what???... thunderstorms!!! Uh-huh just when i thought we were gonna have a nice day at the brand new PIER Park i'm talking almost a million square feet of shopping every womans dream and every husbands nightmare. i have been waiting, anticipating and then just as we walk out of Margaritaville after enjoying the most amazing lunch here it comes. i'm thinking it followed us. you think??? well, i'm a pretty positive person so i've decided we are going to enjoy whatever sunshine we get for however long lounging at the pool. after all there is bound to be some right? right! still need to upload photos probably tonight. thanks for all your well wishes! oh yeah and get this the babies did so good on the drive here i could hardly believe it. if they have a major breakdown on the final trek (16 hour drive) home i so can not blame them. we are thinking about making a pit stop at cousin doug, dusti, allie and abby's house on the way home. now i better go call and make sure that's okay with them before they read this :0) it's a good halfway point.

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latree said...

hope you enjoy your trip, whatever you have to deal with...
I also had a terrible vacation last weekend, but I just smiled to it :)