Sunday, July 13, 2008

6 days until

my first 5k! today i finally put on a pair of running shoes after an inflamed ankle and a broken has been two weeks since i ran. and here are the results:

3.11 miles in 33 min.
i will admit it was hard getting back into the swing. the first mile was a piece of cake the second not so much. BUT with the race 6 days away i knew i had to get back out there. the last mile really kicked my butt but i am proud to say i did not quit. the ankle seems to be completely healed and the toe well it hurts but i could get my shoe on with minimal pain and it really didn't bother me during my run. thank you Lord! i am planning on running tomorrow as well hopefully it will be a little easier...what i can dream ;0).

1 comment:

twin power mommy said...

you are hard core, girl!

just take it easy. you don't want a deformed toe and all...

Glad the babies did so well on the drive to vaca. Hopefully it'll be just as pleasant on the way back!
ENJOY, rain and all!!!!