Friday, October 24, 2008

400th post...WOW!

What better way to celebrate my 400th post, than with a little game. ;0)

So my wonderful her so much Janeen tagged me. Read the rules above and I'll try to make this a good as possible. I love things like this. Here goes nothing:

1. my parents have 7 children and I am the only one that is left handed. Both of my parents are right handed. I have an uncle that is left handed and my paternal grandfather was left handed.

2. i have extremely unique handwriting and get comments about it EVERYtime i write or sign something. if only i had a dollar for every time seriously i'd be rich!

3. i am a worrier. always have been. can't help it!

4. i have the best intentions. i always want to be the one to pick up the phone and call a friend i haven't talked to in awhile or send a card to someone who has lost a loved one, had a baby or a birthday. Unfortunately, I always drop the ball. matter of fact i have a congratulations card on my dining room table for our pastor and his wife who had a baby like a month ago. i so desire to do better!

5. i believe that God made my husband for me. no doubt in my mind that we were meant to be husband and wife. if you knew the story of how we met you would totally agree!

6. i love my girls and wouldn't trade any of them for a boy but i feel sad for my hubby that he does not have a son to carry on his name. he is the last!

7. i broke my left arm four times growing up all before jr. high...remember i'm left handed!

Okay so here is my 7:

1. candice

2. dusti

3. tara

4. casey

5. loren

6. sugar mommy

7. jenn


The Ski's said...

Thanks for playing, Rach! You know I love you all just as much! And, you know that Josh can come borrow Reid anytime for some "boy" time! : ) Hugs to all...

twin power mommy said...

I'll get to working on 'em! ;0)