Saturday, November 8, 2008

dr. appointments and updates

wow, i know i have been a baaaad blogger lately. it's still facebook i must admit...did u know there are games on there?! okay back to the blog because this is where grandma and papa wallace catch up on their grand babies since they are so far away. yesterday i took the twins for their 2 year check up. they actually turned 2 in september but the doc said to go ahead and wait til the end of october or early november so they could get their flu shot at the same time. i was so worried they'd end up sick and we'd have to cancel their appointment. the Lord was with us and we all stayed healthy. the twins did really good although they knew something was up when they stepped on the scale. they were okay in the room until the nurse wanted them to lay down to be measured. ri was first and started crying immediately. she wanted no part of it. if only that was the worst part. anyhow, we were quite late for our appointment but did call ahead and let the doctors office know. so in between our apt the next patient came. no prob our fault the doc had started examining riley and excused herself to take care of the other patient and came back to us. we love our pedi she is amazing and she really takes her time. she was very impressed with the girls using sentences and talking so much. she said they looked great and seemed to be coming right along. she always asks if we have any concerns or questions and usually we don't after all we've been here done this before. well except for the twin part. i think i may have mentioned before that riley is quiet the chicken. she's afraid of just about everything. the latest thing that she does is she is terrified of shiny floors...yes shiny floors whether it be tile or hardwood EXCEPT for at our house. she's fine and we have both. we noticed it a couple of months back we were at Kohl's and she started acting very strange and walking funny. i thought she just needed her diaper changed or that something was irritating her. i changed her diaper she walked around the bathroom fine, walked out onto the carpet fine but the very minute she stepped foot onto the tile she PANICKED. it was so weird. she was terrified and wouldn't move. we had to carry her. since then she has been that way anywhere we've gone that has "shiny" floors. the girls schools you name it. she will hold onto the wall or grab the closest person whether she knows them or not and she doesn't like strangers so that tells you how bad it is. the doc said she's never heard of that before. maybe ri just has a bad case of anxiety. has anyone out there ever had a child afraid to walk on a shiny surface. i'm not real concerned about it just more curious. oh and by the way she is fine if she doesn't realize it or if she is holding on to something i.e. doll stroller, stroller, hand, etc. and now for the official weights:

reagan 25.12 pounds
riley 24.7 pounds
i don't have their height close by but reagan was about an 1" taller than riley. reagan was in the 25th percentile and ri was around the 23rd.
*i'll post pictures later...i took my camera but the memory card was at home...i hate when that happens. anyhow i'll take a picture of each of them today and post it.
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND...oh and kari this one is for you! ;0)


Kari said...

Hate those appointments with the shots. I think the 4 yr visit is the worst, and I only had one each time.
Thanks for the post:0)

Anonymous said...

Wahoo!! Go Reagan & Riley!

Lexi & Tori said...

My older daughter, Lexi, wasn't afraid of floors but she was afraid of Bath mats. You know the things you put in the tub so they don't slip. She would curl up in the corner of the bathtub so she wasn't touching it and cry until it was removed. Sometimes they just get scared of the weirdest things.

Sugar Mommy said...

So glad to see a post! I have been missing ya!
Would love to see new pics of the twins!

Blessings From Above said...

I just joined Facebook yesterday. It seems very cool so far, I did not realize there were games. I'm still trying to figure out what a "poke" and "wall" are!

Glad the girls are doing so well. Never heard of a shiny floor syndrome. Hopefully it is something she will outgrow soon. It is actually kind of a cute little quirk! :)

Triplet Mama said...

I just wanted to say thanks for your last comment on my blog...and hope you don't mind that I'll keep checking in on your girls every now and then, they are too cute...I'm glad they are growing so nicely.
You know, I really think you are a great mom and wife, I can tell by what you share with us on the blog...and I never meant to disrespect you in anyway...I think I was just not prepared for what this blogging experience would bring you know...anyway, take care for now!

twin power mommy said...

That's funny. I am seeming to remember something similar to the shiny floor thing with my girls.
Can't quite put my finger on it, but it was so funny!

That story is funny. I can just see her getting all freaked out over it! ;D
Oh boy!

Can't wait to see some new pics!