Wednesday, November 12, 2008

okay here's some pictures

sorry i didn't get any pictures the day i promised. my little turkeys are not in the cooperating stages of picture taking. they have also been at their grandma's house the past 2 days. i missed them so much! i have never been away from them that was way too quiet around here. josh has been working third shift and then going to school during the day. sleep is a treat for him this week and will be the same next. he is going to training so that he can be an instructor for the police academy. something he has wanted to do for a long time. i've had to work so grandma said she'd keep her grandtwins. they love their grandma rita, i don't even think they noticed i was gone. :( since i didn't post pictures when i promised i felt bad. i am not one to break a promise things have just been crazy around here. i don't think i've posted these pictures before and they really aren't that old but since the weather has changed it seems like forever since we've had shorts on. these were taken at my family reunion on sept. 1st.

the whole gang

daddy is holding reagan (i think) mommy has riley (i think) and you know kenna and chloe

*i'll have to look through the pictures again and make sure which is which. i knew i shoulda stuck with my original plan of always having the same baby on the left in all of their childhood pictures! :)


Adam and Andrew said...

Such a beautiful family!

Kari said...

Beautiful usual.

Sugar Mommy said...

Love the new pictures!!
Get off Facebook and come back to Bloggy land...hahaha
I left you something over at Adventures of Sugar Mommy...check it out!

Erin said...

Absolutely gorgeous family photos!! Future Holiday Card? It would make a great one!

Grin and Barrett said...

Oh Rach.... I just love the pictures of the family. I think its a little funny that you don't know which one is Reagan or Riley. :)

Give the little cuties a hug for me.