Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pictures x's 2

My Babies
(they look so much alike in this picture)

Riley and Reagan

A couple of weeks ago I took the twins to get their 2 year old pictures taken outside. The weather was so nice and I thought autumn pictures would be so pretty. Just one problem...they are not into getting their pictures taken at all and it gets dark really early now. I hate that part of fall...the time change. Anyhow, Julie did a great job considering there is zero cooperation of Reagan and Riley's part. They did pretty good considering we were at a park and all they really wanted to do was run around and play. We may have to taken them to an indoor studio next time. Here are a couple of cute shots.

This didn't last long Rae kept trying to push Riley's hands off.

they love to give each other kisses (most of the time)


Triplet Mama said...

The pictures are still super adorable, and I love that they are not super posey, you know, more natural. But believe me, I know it can get frustrating, cause you want your kids to just look at the camera for a second so that you can capture all that beauty you see all day, and they just don't want to have anything to do with it.
Is it a multiples thing or an age thing?
THANK YOU for the award - you're very sweet! I will write a post tomorrow. Thank you for staying with me on this bumpy blogging ride.

Anonymous said...

So Sweet!! My favorite is the one of the girls on the slide!!

Casey's trio said...

Cute! We just had pictures taken last week and I haven't seen them yet. My girls weren't cooperative either(atleast at the same time)!

Grin and Barrett said...

How sweet! I just love the pictures! Hope everyone is doing well and I will see ya tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

The are adorable....Love the new pictures :-)

twin power mommy said...

They are soooo super adorable (like their shirts say)

I just love the pictures. How precious.

I wanna just hug them.

I think those candid shots are sometimes the best.

the girls said...

very cute! love the shirts! remember keep one stain free :)
see ya soon! can't wait for disney!

Ann said...

They are adorable Rachel!!! Love the pics!