Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas time

it's right around the corner and i'm getting so excited. i have gotten a few things for each of the girls. i get so excited when i order something and get it in the mail. today one of kenna's presents arrived and i was so glad she wasn't home...whew. that coulda been bad! i got the twins their anywhere chairs from pottery barn and will soon be placing my annual order with american girl. i'm really surprised they've never sent me a thank you card i mean really. anyhow, it's great the twins were girls cuz we have lots of girl toys around here. don't get me wrong there is always room for more. we love our baby dolls. today the sitter told me how she was amazed at how the little ones love to carry their baby dolls around. they always have a doll in their arms when we are home. if it's riley she usually has a thousand other things in her arms too. we call her our little horder. she will fill her arms completely full. it's so cute! i've bought each of the girls a big present and a few smaller ones. shopping really gets me in the holiday spirit. i love CHRISTmas. so how many of you have started your shopping???


Jules said...

I'm so excited about Christmas as well. In fact, I'm done my shopping already and just dying to wrap it all up.

The girls are just going down for their morning nap right now and while they're doing that, we're going to put the tree up! Natalie has just started crawling recently so I figure the longer it's up, the more used to it she'll be. Rachel will probably be so excited to see the tree and I know she'll love decorating it, too :)

Have a great weekend!

Lexi & Tori said...

I love Christmas too. I get so excited. I have already finished most of my Christmas shopping.

Kari said...

I agree with that thank you from American Girl. I order a ton and only have one girl. Maybe you should ask about a rewards card or something:)

twin power mommy said...

I like to shop for Christmas. I have started but am not close to being done.
There's so many people to shop for. It gets finished usually a day or two before Christmas.
We do "gag gifts" for all of Chris' family, so it takes time to buy for them. (which i am sure you remember from last year's christmas pics)

This year will be tight, though, cause of the economy. Home loan lenders aren't quite doing what they used to do. :(

I think it's great that your girls love dolls like they do.
My girls are sometimes in the mood and sometimes not. They ARE, however, starting to get interested in Am. Girl Dolls. They saw a catalog the other day and looked and looked at it for days. Those dolls are just so darn expensive, though!

Anyway, have a great week.
Thanks for the award. I'll get to the post in the next couple of days!

Kaycee said...

Hi there! Your blog is adorable as are your girls! I'm soo excited for's my FAV time of year. I've already bought presents