Thursday, October 18, 2007

20% off Baby!!

Riley loved the tea set!

Reagan liked just being out of the stroller.

They play together so well!! Makes Mama :0)

That's what a call a deal, especially at PBK (Pottery Barn Kids). Imagine my glee when 2 weeks ago I talked my honey into taking me to the Pottery Barn Kids store and as I was checking out and telling the cashier I would definitely be back she gave me a postcard for Friends and Family that entitled moi to 20% off my entire purchase can you say ... cha ching!! Pretty good timing for me since I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket and a list already made out! So, today being the first day the coupon was good I got the big girls ready for school and off then myself and the baby essentials together then woke the sleeping angels took breakfast to go and we were off. I stopped and pick my mom in law up and a shopping we went. How much fun did we have .... lots!!! One of the big things I wanted was catalog/internet only so since the coupon was only good for in-store purchases I had to make up the difference. That is until I place my catalog order. I LOVE Pottery Barn sooo much, I could go broke there...but for now I kept to my budget ;0) I managed to get a few pictures of Reagan and Riley playing in the kitchen so since I have no Monkey pictures I post these. OH and by the way for all of you counting there is only 66 days until Christmas!!

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Triplet Mama said...

Me too! I love PBK! I just ordered the trio their own little chairs for Christmas, in their colors and with their names on them off course ;)!
I LOVe Christmas, definetely my favorite season of all! Take care!