Monday, February 19, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

We took the girls (all four of them) to the movies Sunday, it was a great movie two thumbs up!! Sad though...not going to give anymore away. This one we will buy when it comes out on DVD.
The babies were great not a peep. By the way there was a couple sitting behind us (husband and wife) they were both twins. He has an identical twin and she has a fraternal but they didn't have twins themselves. Cool huh?!

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Jessica Wilson said...

Those pictures are so's so funny to look at your pictures, everybody's in pink...our pictures, everyone's in blue! Sampson is a boy , I don't think I ever said that. He is the best dog..the potty training is going better than expected, but he still has accidents. He is only 15 weeks though (we got him at 9). Can't expect too much, he's still a baby! Hope you are all doing great. Meghan and I are trying to get together with JoEllen when I come out to visit should meet up too! How cool would that be??