Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow day number 2

Day 2 with no school!! The girls are enjoying our blast of winter. We almost made it, up until this point we hadn't really had any snow. The ground hog saw
his shadow and Mama was counting down the days til spring. :0)Then whammy!! 14inches or something to that affect. The girls were so excited to go out and play, too bad they could hardly walk through it... They had a great time though. Take a look at the picture of them standing by the sidewalk -- look at how tall the snow is!! They say it has been 13 years since we've had this much snow.

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Hummel Family said...

yes, we had a lot of snow over here too! I guess we only live 20 minutes from one another, so that would make since. ;)

Too bad Cai has been sick...she would love to be outside playing. Your girls look cute all bundled up. Just think, next year the young'ins can join them!