Thursday, December 21, 2006


Rae and Ri Ri are sick!!! Poor little things, this is their second cold already. They are all stuffy and can hardly breathe through their little noses. Daddy is pretty good with the sucker. We are hoping that it will all be cleared up by Christmas and we can have a good day with our family. They haven't been too fussy for not feeling well. They are really good little babies. Their new things are sucking their hands intentionally, and cooing a lot...daddy can really get them going, and Rae has figured out how to rub her eyes. It is so cute. I think when you have preemies you notice developemental accomplishments a lot more. It makes you feel good to know they are on track. Rae has also rolled over from tummy to back. Neither one of them like tummy time much. Life is They sure do love each other.

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