Monday, January 28, 2008

*Powder Puff Derby*

It's kinda like the cub scouts pinewood derby but girlified! So of course we had to *bling* our cars with jewels and glitter!

Aren't our cars so cute??? They didn't win but they sure did look pretty going down the track.

This one is Chloe's (#23) and Kenna's is in the above picture (#12) she choose that number because it is her Daddy's unit #. Chloe pick #23 just because she said she likes those numbers.

**Chloe update~~~ she is doing great. She went back to school today and was assigned a buddy to help her out. She also went all day without any pain medicine. We did have to give her some tonight but she sure is turning out to be one tough little cookie! She gets her cast in two more days.

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Candice Lovett said...

Okay, that's funny, because without even reading this post, i wrote my last comment about chloe being a "tough cookie", and then i see that you wrote it as a post. Hmmmmm, perhaps great minds think alike!! :p