Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Name

Okay, so I need to think of another name for our blog. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I've decided (after someone mentioned it) that maybe people are coming across my blog simply for the title and possibly thinking it could be about something other than raising 4 daughters. After first I thought "no, ewww that's gross no way would our blog simply by title alone be confused for say some other maybe distasteful site". But alas with the feedjit on the side bar I've noticed visits directed from google searches. Maybe people are googling something that I've titled a post about (very possible) but just to put my mind at ease it's gonna change. I wanna think of something cute and clever but I'm comin' up blank. This is were you could come in. Any suggestions/ideas? Don't be could be fun. After all people often ask for ideas when naming their babies so I need a little help too. You could leave it anonymously. Just keep it clean ;0). Okay, so don't be surprised in the next couple of days if you click on my blog and the name is changed.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love reading your blog! I am Silvia's sister in law.. what are you changing it to? I love to read it!
mine is let me know what you change yours to!

Anonymous said...

can't stop thinking about "barbies and bows" or "bubblegum" (maybe all the pink on your blog page) can't wait to hear what you decide on! smart move on the change...sad, but true on the strange people! -jessica

Triplet Mama said...

I can't come up with a name :( but you kinda freaked me out a bit. It's so easy to feel safe about the internet and it's good to be reminded that it certainly is not a totally safe forum. This one of the reasons I don't write my kids' names in my blog, but maybe there is a way to find my site any way...

Ashley said...

I have read your blog from time to time. Your daughters are adorable.

You can incorporate your last name in the title. Like, "Hunting for Memories" or "The Hunt for Sanity" with a subtitle saying "our day to day life with 4 daughters"

Hope this gets your mind working and maybe help you come up with something! I enjoy reading about your girls.

Grin & Barrett said...


Here's my two cents, lol

How about

Nuttin but PINK



WeeOnesMommy said...

Hmm nothing yet? I've been waiting to see what you come up with.. I gave the girls blog a face lift too and Aiden's is next.. I changed the header on mine to say Double Trouble Life with Twins.. and Aiden's is going to be Micromanaging... Life as a NICU mom. Then they both have blurbs under them and pics..

I'll have to do some thinking and see if I can come up with something for yours.. Right now it's late and my brain isn't working LOL..

Good Luck can't wait to see the update..

Beverly said...

Since this is only my second visit, oh and thanks for visiting me and do come back for another visit, I do not know if you have changed it yet or what name it used to be. I like Pretty in Pink, so I guess you changed it already. I love your girls smiles. They look like very happy little girls.