Friday, July 27, 2007

She did it again

Last night while I was cooking dinner the girls (all of them) were in the living room (Josh was at work). Kenna and Chloe were watching Disney Channel and Reagan and Riley were playing etc. I was on the phone when I heard a loud noise, one you hear a 10 1/2 month old make when she is trying to stand up and then let go with out being completely balanced. Makenna said, "Mommy, Reagan fell and hit her head." As I started to walk in to get her I could tell by the start of her cry she fell hard. She started to cry so hard she stopped breathing. This had happened before so even though it freaked me out, I knew she would be okay...that is until...right after I took her from Kenna and she passed out came back long enough to let out a cry and then went completely limp again. I panicked!! She was out -- not breathing and as white as a ghost. I tried to blow in her face...that didn't work, I tried rubbing her back and telling her to breath...finally she started to breath. It was the scariest thing. It only last a few seconds each time(not breathing) and within five minutes or so she was acting completely normal again but very tired. I fear that this is something we will see again possibly for years to come. I have heard of children passing out from what I thought was holding their breath. Reagan did not hold her breath she lost her breath. The cry was so intense that it took her breath away. She panicked herself, I could see it in her eyes. I called the ped doc today to see if she thought Reagan needed to be seen. She said that it was probably a lot about the sharpness of the pain and that children can sometimes react like this up to and possibly beyond 2 yrs. old. If I never see my baby pass out again that would be fine by me. I know she will be okay and that she is not the only child this has happened to but if you have never seen your child stop breathing you just can't imagine how scary it is. I held Rae for awhile after the incident then fed her and Riley dinner. I gave Riley a quick bath and came out to get Rae and this is how I found her...poor little baby she had a rough day!!

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Jessica said...

How scary Rach...I can't imagine. Sounds like you were right on top of things though, no panicking! My niece used to do this when she would fall and hit her head at all. One time my sister and I were at a park, and Peyton fell. Right when my sister picked her up she went limp and passed out. We freaked out! She is six now, and still goes white and wants to sleep when she gets hurt. She is also such a sensitve and sweet girl...her little body just doesn't deal well with the pain! Hope Rae is better tomorrow!