Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Taggy Blankets

Okay are these too cute or what!! And how about this...I made them. Well, with a little help in the sewing department. It was my concept, my labor mostly and I absolutely love 'em. I hope the babies do too. Have you heard of them yet?? I have only seen them on eBay and I thought surely they aren't that hard to make. So it was off to Joann Fabrics for me. $30. later I had TWO of the cutest taggy blanket I've seen. I had a friend do the embroidering and then my sis in laws mom sewed them together. I cut the fabric and ribbons and tacked it all together and here they are. The reason I mentioned $30 is because as I started to Google taggy blankets I came across some very pretty ones that ran around $35-$40/each + shipping. So I'm pretty excited I got two for the price off one ;0) I may have to start making these for baby gifts. It was a lot of fun!!


Hummel Family said...

Good job on the blankets. I love them! Jakobi and MAylee have taggy blankets too, only I didn't make them, their Grandma Lois did. The babies love them...its a comfort thing right before bed.

allie bari said...

well, rach

i guess you better get started because Allie is going to big a BIG SISTER.

Candice Lovett said...

What a neat idea. My little brother loved tags when he was a baby. That kinda blanket would have been a dream to him! How cool that you made it so cheap. You DO need to start selling them!